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Game thinking 2 How to improve the participation of the game

2022-07-12 00:12:15Reading notes

Game thinking , This article is the reading experience and reading notes of game thinking .

Game thinking Reading notes

 Game thinking mind map

Game thinking , Yesterday we talked about game design technology , Many people may mistakenly think , It is the accumulation point system in the game , Or we call it an integral system , This empirical value , upgrade , Then add a leaderboard , In fact, there is no technical content , Any programmer will do . Then why do some people succeed and others fail ? For example, in our knowledge planet , There is also a daily post ranking , But this is almost useless , No one cares about this thing . This is not to combine everyone's desire with the system , Join the knowledge planet , Is it to post more , Obviously not ! Even if the planet has a list of likes , Maybe it will be more effective than this posting ranking . in other words , What everyone said , The more recognized by others , The more pride he may gain , This is in line with the underlying logic of a learning community . So this tells us , Experience integral system , Yes , But what do you take for points , This knowledge is great . You have to make him really proud , We have to guide his behavior , Get close to the goal you want . We need to establish a benign interactive relationship .

Look again. , Non game situations . That is to remind us , The game is not the point , He's just a means , Finally, don't put the cart before the horse , Some people design games in a fancy way , Finally, it deviated from the channel . For example, wechat payment , Through the red envelope , It has formed hundreds of millions of users' binding cards , So many companies also began to send red envelopes , All kinds of red packets , There are tens of millions of funds , It disappeared in a few days , It seems that users are very enthusiastic , But finally after receiving the red envelope , The user immediately uninstalled the software . Why does this happen , To put it bluntly, it is to deviate from the channel , You have no social attributes , Only red envelope subsidies , People will pick up the wool . So when designing commercial games , Don't forget what your purpose is , Your game , Whether it can support your purpose .

In the real business environment , We should take game based practice seriously , Don't let your head get hot , Just follow the trend and engage in activities , We should consider Gamification 3 Core values , They are participation , Experiments and results .

Let's start with participation , Gamification must improve participation , It can be seen as an incentive system . It can make your employees work harder , Let your customers buy and use your products more . Our brains are eager to solve problems , More eager to get feedback and recognition , So we need to build such a loop . Games can activate the dopamine system in the brain , That is our pleasure center . But the excitement will be short , Just like you take medicine , It will fail in a moment , Then you will feel more empty , Therefore, Gamification should not only use the most primitive incentive system of the brain , A well-designed Gamification system , Can give you a powerful tool kit , Can develop , More participatory , And more challenging goals . Statistical display , Actually 70% People who , I didn't fully participate in my career , This not only affects their performance , It will also affect their happiness . Everyone actually knows what to do , But just don't do , For example, we all know to eat less and exercise more , It's good for your health , Know how to read more , Conducive to their own growth , But often do nothing , Instead, do what destroys your body , Or things that slow down your growth . To put it bluntly, it lacks enough motivation to participate . The same is true for consumers , In fact, who bought things , It's all the same , There are often many substitutes , The key is how to create a sense of participation . Make good contact with strangers . For example, the current live broadcast brings goods , That solves the problem , Through a big IP The host , Formed a strengthened relationship chain , Let consumers participate .

The second value , It's an experiment . The powerful function of game motivation , It opens up more possibilities . The essence of game is experiment , Because you are in the game , Can experience failure , Just start over . So your sense of failure will not be so heavy . But to win the final victory , It doesn't seem so easy . So many players will continue to try new roles , New play , Many innovations have been formed , For example, some players are NBA In the game , Designed 5 Yao Ming's formation , There are also people in football games , Copy the 11 Messi . But these things , In reality, it's hard to give you . We have no chance to fail again , So it will be very depressing . Refuse to innovate . When we design the rules of the game , We should also reduce the cost of failure . Let everyone have room for creativity . Complete many business experiments .

The third value is achievement , Gamification is effective , Can bring positive results to business . It has strong fission and promotion value .

In a park in Sweden , There is a garbage can , You throw garbage inside , It feels like throwing things from the top of the mountain , You will hear a long falling sound . Everyone is very interested in this thing , I thought there was a deep hole under the garbage can , But in fact, it's just what engineers simulate with speakers and programs . The researchers found that , Curiosity about this trash can , Let everyone use it more , The amount of garbage in this garbage can every day , It's from other ordinary garbage cans 2 times . This is the simplest theory of fun in life , Create some fun in life , So as to change everyone's living habits , For example, the flies and sights in the urinal of the men's toilet , In fact, it is also this function . It can effectively prevent urine splashing .

There is also a Piano staircase , Next to the elevator , The stairs are designed into the black-and-white key mode of the piano . You go up the stairs , You will hear different sounds made by the keys . Finally found ,66% People who , Don't take the elevator , Instead, I chose to climb stairs . Then you can make your own products , What fun factors to design ? In fact, when Lao Qi was a child , I remember there are many snacks , There are all kinds of toys in it , At that time, I didn't want to buy snacks , Just to save toys .

So many people have to ask , What is the game ? Interesting , Winning or losing , competition , Team interaction ? The author said that these may not be , The most important word of the game is called voluntary . It is impossible to force others to play games , So he must have the attribute of voluntary , So how to mobilize others to volunteer , This is what we should think about . Let players in the game , I can feel that I am endowed with certain strength , Is in control . Let people play games , Can experience the feeling that is different from usual . For example, those who want to do , But what you can't do . For example, we were born in peace , Usually there is no chance to touch the gun , So the game of peace elite is very popular , Everyone has a dream of shooting . Now some offline scripts are also very popular , Is to immerse in another world .

So the key to game thinking , Is to use existing resources , Create an engaging experience , So as to drive participants to make the behavior you want . So since script killing is so popular , You drive KTV Can you , Lao Qi heard , Some people put business KTV, Have been changed into emperors and generals , The story of three thousand harem beauties . It seems that business is very good . So the restaurant , couture , Even cinemas , Is it possible ?

We might as well think along this line , People buy your products or use your services , What is the fundamental motivation ? We need to think like gamers . More time , In fact, playing games is for the final win , So when we design games , Is to win the last one , The design is more attractive . Make him more dignified , More able to be looked up to by others . For example, some online games , When you get to a higher level , You can unlock skills , There is a feeling of crushing all sentient beings . The same is true in business , For example, some private bank customers , Then he can go anywhere without waiting in line . Passed the security check at the airport , A car pulled him to the boarding gate , Then this feeling is very cool . So he doesn't mind saving more money with you . For example, Lao Qi here , So it is with , For example, join the fan group reading circle 1 People can only enter the high net worth community after 20 years , Have the qualification to buy our fund , And the high net worth community , We also need to further layer users , Even set up everyone's integral system , In the future, there will be many offline opportunities to communicate with Lao Qi one-on-one , You can use the teahouse for free , There will also be various gifts , For example, tea every year , Alcohol , new book , Custom clothes, etc .

How to make Gamification meet your needs , We can consider four aspects ,1 motivation ,2 Meaningful choices , 3 structure ,4 Potential conflicts , Let's first look at motivation , How to get value from the encouraged behavior , Generally speaking , More engaged employees , Work performance will be better , More engaged customers , Will buy more . But there should also be a degree , If the customer is already very enthusiastic , And then do extra Gamification , It may backfire , Companies like apple , It seems never to engage in any activities . So this requires , When we design games , Think about , Where are the motivations of customers and employees insufficient . For example, some companies set up ladder performance , complete 50% Get basic salary , complete 70%, Wages 1.5 times , complete 100%, Pay doubled . And the salary in the front is paid in the back . So that is to say , The performance is a little higher , Later income , It may be a world of difference . So we will redouble our efforts . We'll continue to watch it tomorrow , Several other questions . How to set an interesting goal .( Turn from Lao Qi's reading circle

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