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Game thinking 1 From worldofwarcraft to business school

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Game thinking , This article is the reading experience and reading notes of game thinking .

Game thinking Reading notes

 Game thinking mind map

Game thinking , The subtitle is called new forces to change future business , The writer is a professor at Wharton Business School , Kevin webach , He introduced the theory of Gamification comprehensively and systematically , And combine games with commercial activities , He thinks that , Nowadays, business competition has become increasingly fierce , The traditional incentive method has no effect , We need to learn from the thinking of many games , Help us complete the motivation of employees and consumers , In fact, our own growth is the same , Why can't you stop playing games , To put it bluntly, the game has taken human nature seriously , Then is it possible for us to study and work , All into games ? This book is about to solve this problem , He came up with a topic , Why can't business become interesting .

Let's think about , Why do you want to change jobs , Get more salary , Get more room for growth , But there are also great risks in doing so , Can you adapt to the new company , This is an unknown number . But we did it anyway , Because the income increases , It will make us look more successful in the short term . Even job hopping may be addictive , Some people can change jobs frequently within a few years . Our actions , Always be some short-term , And interesting things attract , If it can produce some reward effect , Change can't stop , Even completely ignore the long-term risks . therefore , We should introduce this pleasure into business , Let everyone experience this , The pleasure of interaction . The author says , Technical means , Now in fact, the entry threshold of competition has been lowered , More participatory , Is where our competitive advantage lies in the future .

The history of the game , In fact, as long as human civilization , There are also video games 40 It's about 20 years old , And it's already a 700 A billion dollar giant global industry , The essence of games is not entertainment , It is the product of the ingenious integration of human nature and design process , Many players are addicted to it , Because the game designer , It draws on the experience of human society and the research results of Psychology . These are cleverly designed .

Then we should succeed in Gamification , Two skills are needed .1 Is to understand the design technology of the game ,2 Is to understand the business strategy , Few enterprises , Be good at both skills . In the teaching of Wharton Business School , When business practice , When you meet game design , People often fall into chaos . Or say , Many people don't think in this direction at all . They only know how to do business , Thinking still stays in the era of industrial products with good quality and low price , And be a fan , Be a community , Interact , Do operations , These thinking abilities are seriously lacking . Operators are close to product manufacturing , But it's too far away from consumers . So in the end, we always get half the result with twice the effort , I always feel that my products are very good , But why can't it be sold ?

But games are also very different from games , Some games last forever , Keep the player hooked , And the design of some games , Not very friendly , Even the game industry is an industry with a high probability of failure . Game design is a difficult thing . Then games and enterprises , Integrate with business , In fact, it is more difficult . But once the two are successfully integrated , Then great commercial value will erupt . Like Facebook , It's a business done through game based social networking . And pinduoduo is the same , It seems that he is an e-commerce website , But his underlying logic is also a social game . So it has the same transmission power as a virus , When Ali sees it clearly , It is too late .

The author of this book , One of my favorite games is worldofwarcraft , They teach in business schools , Suddenly began to think , Can you introduce game thinking into your work , For example, the school's scoring system is grade point , Education and work are games in themselves , So how can we design this game more interesting ? The core is to help everyone , Among the things that must be done , Find fun , Let the process refuse to be boring , Even more attractive .

The author first gives an example , Any software company , The testing work is extremely boring , Find out from countless programs bug, A lot of manpower and material resources are needed , Especially for enterprises like Microsoft , Their database is too large , So the test work is quite difficult , But they found a solution to the problem , That is to design a game , Project leader , Engineers from all over the world have been recruited , Use their spare time , Go and give it to Windows System fault finding , Identify problems , You'll get points , Then I also designed a ranking list , It is equivalent to developing a large , Let's find fault with the game system , Every engineer , In order to show their professional characteristics , Look for problems seriously . And regional competitions have also been held , A Japanese company , Also for ranking , I also took a special holiday , Encourage employees to participate . Last 4500 Ginseng and , eureka 50 Ten thousand questions ,6700 System error , Everyone had a good time at last . So we can summarize , The so-called game , There must be a competition , There should be rewards . This is the most basic interaction , For example, the number of swiping steps in wechat every day , In the same way . There's a ranking , Even if there is no reward , He will have a sense of honor .

The author says , In any field , There are three types of Gamification ,1 Internal Gamification ,2 External Gamification ,3 Gamification of behavior change . Microsoft's example is internal Gamification , There are two salient features ,1 Participants are part of the company , They can communicate with each other , Have a common corporate vision and goals ,2 Powerful flow experience , Linked with management and reward mechanism , let me put it another way , There must be extra rewards , Let participants think , This is not his job .

External Gamification , It usually refers to the interaction with customers , The simplest is the badge system , Level system , For example, the current web forums , The more you post and comment on it , The higher your level is , As the level rises , Then you can enjoy some privileges . But in fact, between the website forum and users , It is a typical relationship between a company and its customers . In order to encourage everyone to actively participate in it , An obvious promotion system can be designed . Say something you shouldn't say , In fact, many pyramid schemes do the same , Every level you raise , You can enjoy greater discounts . Let you make money , There is also a feeling of superiority , So once the MLM system is established , It's very expansive . Of course, the more destructive it will be in the end , It's not shallow . So we are cracking down on pyramid selling .

The third type , It's behavior change Gamification , It means helping people form better habits , For example, encourage people to exercise more , So we launched a wechat campaign to brush steps . also keep Such software , Let you exercise every day , Put everyone together for comparison . Now Lao Qi has also contacted some sports equipment companies , Invented a sports foot ring , Take him with you when you play football , He will monitor your running ability , Shooting power , Even give a score , Just like we play live football , Finally, a set of data can be obtained , What tape , skill , A shot , Power , Consciousness , It can also rank among all users , Let you also experience the feeling of being a football star . Let's play football , It becomes more interesting . Now more and more companies , In fact, they are developing this kind of system , For example, now some financial software , Will give you a score for your investment ability , Tell you how many investors you beat . What level of funds do you have . And there will be some small rewards . For example, occasionally unlock a trust product for you , It seems that the yield is higher . But in fact, these are promotions , That is to say, without this point, he is eager to sell you something . After linking with points , You take the initiative to buy .

The author also gives examples , A company called Coase , He let the staff , Participate in a game of weight loss and health testing , Bit by bit to play strange upgrade , Reward participants , Finally, his employees , General improvement in health ,73% People think , After becoming healthier , More efficient in work , Attitude is also more positive .

Then we can sum up , What exactly is Gamification , To put it bluntly, in non game situations , Use game elements and game design techniques , The so-called game elements , Is how to put something , Organically combined , It's like a game of chess , His game elements , Including chess pieces , The rules of chess movement , And the conditions for winning . Of course, chess is also designed as an important game , Ranking players through the scoring system .

In the business world , In fact, Gamification is broader than the game itself , For example, when we play chess , We can't settle down at will , It must be carried out under certain rules and frameworks . But in the business world , We can change the rules at will , Just be able to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm , That's the ultimate goal . The author gives an example , Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu , Want to organize everyone to share success stories within the company , But it's almost difficult . Everyone is busy , There is no time to do this thankless thing , But then Deloitte came up with a solution , Designed a system , Encourage everyone to upload success stories , The more you upload , Is certified as an expert in this field . Finally, in order to improve their professionalism . Can be promoted and raised quickly in the company , A large number of cases have been uploaded . This case is to get something you want , Into a part of the game elements , Thus, the participants are encouraged .

So what is game design technology ? These aspects , What classic cases can help us spread our thinking , Let's continue tomorrow .( Turn from Lao Qi's reading circle

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