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Game thinking 3 How to set an interesting goal

2022-07-12 00:11:24Reading notes

Game thinking , This article is the reading experience and reading notes of game thinking .

Game thinking Reading notes

 Game thinking mind map

Game thinking . Yesterday we talked about four aspects of Gamification , The first is motivation , Think about the most fundamental motivation for others to participate , The second question is , Namely Meaningful choices , Set the target activity , Be interesting , Take part in the game , It must be a spontaneous and voluntary behavior , Initial purpose , It must be fun and curious . So try to be simple , You can see clearly at a glance , But also stimulate his desire to participate . In fact, a good game , It doesn't need too many rewards , Only when it's not that fun , Just give more reward mechanisms . But if a game is all supported by rewards , Just like the red envelope game of some enterprises , In fact, it is doomed to have no effect .

problem 3 structure , Can the expected behavior be modeled by a fixed program ? Although the game is fun , But he still needs a quantitative system , To measure the quality of the game and user behavior , in other words , You have to use things to measure , For example, the number of users , User engagement , Forwarding volume and so on . Through these things , To see the feedback effect .

problem 4, Potential conflicts , The game can avoid the contradiction with the existing incentive mechanism Do you ? Studies have shown that , Game mechanisms like leaderboards , In fact, it will reduce the work efficiency of employees , Especially when it is linked to traditional reward methods such as salary and bonus , When employees see that they are low in the ranking list , Tend to give up . This is actually the same in all fields , For example, if the investment manager ranks in the middle and lower reaches of the whole industry , He basically won't pay attention to the leaderboard , the same to you , If it wasn't for the number of steps taken on that day , You won't take the initiative to watch the ranking list of wechat sports . When a person can't rush to the front , He tends to slack off and lie flat . So if you make a comprehensive ranking , It may also backfire . Sometimes we have to push ourselves to others , Put yourself on the characters in the game , Then see if the game has any negative effects .

So before we design Gamification , We must make a comprehensive evaluation , See if the other party has any motive , Can you have creative behavior , Can it be quantified , Will there be conflict in the end , If it does not meet the requirements of these framework logics , Then Gamification design is not tenable .

We all know sports and fitness , Will be conducive to good health , But I always make excuses and finally I can't insist , Including Lao Qi himself , I have also handled countless fitness cards , Finally, I didn't stick to it . And wasted it . The author says , There are two young men , I designed a set of games , Integrate fitness into the task system of the game , And a badge as a reward , It also introduces a virtual arena PK, For example, bench press , And running distance , Made a social sharing experience . Their community , In just a year , user ,1000 People grow to 20 ten thousand people . They also collect all kinds of inspirational stories about weight loss , Some users lose weight 45 kg , Success has changed my life .

Through this case , We need to understand , motivation In fact, it is also divided into external and internal , Intrinsic motivation , Is driven by inner desire , and Extrinsic motivation , Is more passive , That is, the pressure is external , I have to do something . Let's talk about fitness , Most people's intrinsic motivation driving force is obviously insufficient , I'm interested in going to the gym , In fact, the desire is not so strong . At this time, we have to introduce enough external power , To support this game . For example, many gyms now , Have developed social attributes , Some gyms hire beautiful coaches and companions , This will actually enhance our extrinsic motivation . When I think of my points , Mission , And then think of the long lost friend I haven't seen for a long time , I was forced to roll the iron .

So when intrinsic motivation is insufficient When , We need external motivation , And those things with strong internal motivation , You don't have to paint the snake to the foot , For example, for Lao Qi , Reading and playing football , It's a thing with strong internal motivation , I want to do these two things whenever I have time , So naturally, there is no need to design to motivate yourself . Some people want to go home and hold their babies whenever they have time , Play the game , There is no need to motivate . that How can we transform extrinsic motivation into intrinsic motivation ? You have to use one's Loss aversion , At the beginning, we should give a lot of rewards through extrinsic motivation , When he has achieved certain results , It will gradually turn into internal motivation . We commonly call it idol baggage . For example, the game of stealing vegetables in those days , It started with social rewards , External drive , But when you have certain points and ranking , It's more painful , Do you want to continue playing , If you don't play , The previous integral is a pity , So many people even get up in the middle of the night to steal vegetables . This is the inner drive that has begun , So is our study , Parents can give their children some external drives to help them cold start , For example, before school , Just learn some knowledge from textbooks first , Once they have a cognitive advantage , After being admired by other students , Will voluntarily want to maintain this advantage . Don't worry about him in the back , He went to study himself . So is fitness , When you practice all over your body , You are very motivated to continue . Otherwise, the previous exercise will be in vain .

Psychologists have come up with Self determination theory , Say that human nature is positive , And have a strong , Desire for development from the heart , But the external environment must support , Otherwise, it will hinder the occurrence and effectiveness of these internal incentives . let me put it another way , As long as we are free , I'll think about it , My favorite thing . Anyone will incline to their hobbies . But the problem is these hobbies , Is it beneficial to your own development . This is not necessarily . So we need to use external incentives , Correct some preferences .

There are three major needs in the human body , Independent needs , Ability needs and Relationship needs , Independent needs should seek inner pleasure , Ability demand is called control , It means the ability to actively deal with external relations . Relationship needs are interactions with others .

For example, a Sudoku game , Independent demand is that I decide by myself , Which problem to do , I'll decide how to finish it myself , And capacity needs , I can do it , Relationship needs to be completed by me and my friends , Or compete with you for points . A game , It is best to meet these three needs , Basically, users will have the fun of participating .

The author says , Don't underestimate extrinsic motives , They are very powerful , As a game designer , You need to decide , What level of motivation motivates users , And how to motivate them . The most important difference is the process of user experience , Not the content of the reward . For example, the same airline VIP user , Some people are very satisfied with moving from the red carpet to first class , Some people pay more attention to free luggage , Others prefer to relax in private VIP rooms , So this is a different motive . Again , When motivating employees , Some people want to be famous , Someone for profit , Some people pursue growth , And some people just want to belong , So for different employees , You need to give a completely different incentive plan . For the sake of fame and fortune , You give them verbal rewards , It will definitely cause dissatisfaction , And for the sake of growth , If you can't learn something, you will leave . So game thinking , And making products is the same reason , Be sure to think more about , What are the deep-seated needs of users ? Be careful , Deep level is very important , Sometimes our analysis is superficial , For example, a girl buys cosmetics , Wear beautiful clothes , We think he loves beauty , But in fact, his real deep-seated needs , It is to get the favor of the male god in your mind . So how beautiful he is , Can't satisfy his motivation , Let him have deep contact with the male God , This can meet his needs . For example, people who study here in Lao Qi , Do you really love learning ? Not at all , Many people just want to ease the anxiety of life . So how can we really alleviate anxiety , Create a for you , Drought and flood guarantee sustainable cash flow income , Your anxiety will naturally ease . At that time, learning will become a pure internal motivation .

So let's see , The lesson of Gamification , First , Rewards will squeeze out fun , External rewards will significantly reduce players' intrinsic motivation . The result is just the opposite , If extrinsic motivation is very utilitarian , And very colossus Words , You gradually lose your inner motivation . What do you mean by that? , for instance , A child loves playing football since childhood , When a father looks , Then simply send it to a sports school to learn football , Go professional in the future , Did you practice 2 year , This child hates playing football , After leaving the sports school , Never touch football again . In fact, what he likes is happy play , You don't need to live on football , Let's really take part in high-intensity training , It is estimated that many people will lose interest in this . So hobbies , And the work completely overlaps , Sometimes it's not necessarily a good thing .

Some parents , In the situation of pocket money , Reward children for doing housework , How much is it to wash the bowl once , There are also rewards for reading , How much is it to read a book , The author says , This is actually not good , Once parents' rewards stop , Then the children won't do it again . This is the obvious crowding out effect . So we must cultivate interest , Build their motivation on a feeling , Not completely attached to external substances . So is the marketing promotion of enterprises , When there are subsidies , People will use , Subsidies have stopped , You don't have to . So these subsidies , And it becomes meaningless . Tomorrow we will talk about , External rewards , How to use it ?( Turn from Lao Qi's reading circle

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