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One square meter of meditation

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《 One square meter of meditation 》 It is a tranquility class customized for noisy workplaces by well-known tranquility instructors in the United States ,

Teach you in the square inch , Noise reduction for the world , Let the mind return to mindfulness .

The heart is open , Inspiration and joy go in .

《 One square meter of meditation 》 There's a principle , Have realm , More ways .

 One square meter of meditation

《 One square meter of meditation 》 Reading harvest

· Build the eight pillars of the workplace , Let's be happy 、 Peace returns .

· Poetic and efficient , Reach success with a graceful gesture .

· Achieve total body and mind healing , Moving forward in warmth and peace .

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Sharon · Szczberg

Famous meditation tutor in the United States , With Jack · Confield 、 Joseph · Goodstein co founded the Neiguan meditation Club (Insight Meditation Society), So far, it has been employed for more than 30 years , Is a respected meditation instructor . She not only wrote many best sellers , He also served as 《 Oprah 》《 Time 》《 Good housekeeper 》《 Shambhala sun 》 And other well-known magazines . The author of 《 Practice of meditation 》《 Don't kidnap yourself 》 Such as books .

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The following is 《 One square meter of meditation 》 An interpretation of the essence of a Book , For the majority of book friends to learn reference , Welcome to share , It cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission .

 One square meter of meditation

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preface : You are in the workplace , Happy? ?

For many people , Working life is a punishment , An evil of life that must be endured . For them , Step over the threshold of the workplace every day , Began to suffer .

Especially in recent years , With the rapid development of mobile Internet , Massive amounts of information flow in and “ Always online ” Working mode of left and right attack , It also extends this workplace stress and anxiety to more corners of life , Even cover every pore . People seem to be patients who can't breathe fresh air , Too heavy .

 One square meter of meditation

Many people are more and more deeply aware of the eight problems :

  1. Life has been mixed with work , There seems to be no such thing as getting off work .

  2. Doing it A I always think about the task B Something or C Event or D Friends or E The restaurant .

  3. Actually, I hate some colleagues very much , Even secretly hate them without style , But I have to be with them .

  4. Immersed in deep depression , Often feel physically and mentally exhausted .

  5. It seems that everyone is far away , Everything is business .

  6. Often unsure whether something should be done , Wavering in morality 、 law 、 ethic 、 Between interests .

  7. To work 、 To self 、 For the future 、 Full of doubts about the difficulties faced .

  8. I feel the same day after day , There is nothing new under the sun , Work is just making a living .

At first glance, it seems to be true “ It's not worth it ”, But when we really open our awareness , You will find that many troubles are just emotional troubles caused by obsession . Although the workplace is full of challenges , But man always has the final power of interpretation , Meditation full of mindfulness is the greatest weapon for people to fight against emotional troubles .

The effectiveness of mindfulness does not depend on the change of things , It counteracts the negative effects of stress on body and emotion by changing the relationship between people and things .

Mindfulness meditation builds the eight pillars of the workplace , Help us transform our troubles 、 Arrive happy . They are : equilibrium 、 focus 、 compassion 、 elastic 、 Communication and connection 、 integrity 、 significance 、 Open awareness . Next , We study separately .

 One square meter of meditation


The first pillar of workplace happiness is balance . It is the ability to separate you from who you are and what you do .

Neuroscience research has proved that , Creativity and commitment are the source of happiness . But in a stressful and demanding work environment , If there is no breathing space , The amygdala will continue to trigger primitive “ Fight or flee ” reaction , Let us repeat the narrow and primitive habitual response , Thus losing creativity , Falling into persistent depression .

Fortunately, , Emotions can be trained . When negative emotions arise , If you can live in peace with it with mindfulness , You can keep your balance .

1.RAIN Watching negative emotions

When you don't equate emotions with our own totality , You will find that your emotions keep going up and down , Rise and fall , It is not born , It's not the same . It arises from a particular situation , Come in from the outside , Like a sudden visitor .

Application RAIN Four steps , Make yourself “ witness ”, You can deal with an emotion with mindfulness .RAIN Respectively —— distinguish (Recognition)、 Accept (Acceptance)、 To explore the (Investigation) And non identification (Nonidentificaition).

First , To identify it .“ Oh , It's jealousy . It is knocking on my door .”

then , Accept it .“ Come on , Don't push it , Push it harder and harder .”

next , Explore it .“ It turned out that it was caused by a moment of anger 、 A moment of sadness 、 A moment of helplessness and a moment of panic .”

Last , Express your disapproval of it .“ You can sit at my house for a while , But I am the master here . I'm going to let you go now , Excuse me ……”

We are used to adding layers of weight when we criticize ourselves , Ashamed of fear , And angry with shame .RAIN Four steps can help us peel off layers of additional reactions , To identify it 、 Let it go , Back to the beginning , Enable reason .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

2. Set priorities , Time management

Time is one of the most important sources of workplace stress .

Usually time is not enough , But experiments and life experience have proved that , Not enough time is just an illusion closely related to subjective feelings , As the saying goes “ The night is too short for pleasure , Lonely hate longer ”. Use mindfulness , Be deeply aware of the facts , Can break the illusion , And stop the pressure cycle .

· Most of the time we get lost just because we forget what we want . here , A few simple reminders will bring you back , Be aware of time with mindfulness . For example, in the office, post such as “ calm ”“ slow ” And so on .

· Prioritize , Give proper attention to every task , It is very important to maintain balance . When judging the priority of a thing , You can ask yourself a few simple questions : Whether to do it now ? How many people are involved in this matter ? Do it now or delay it ?

· Treat time with a pragmatic attitude , One day 8 It can't be finished in hours 15 Hours of work . Define your job responsibilities , Don't deify your boss , To take or demand excessively . Ignore your own needs , It is impossible to create a happy workplace .

 One square meter of meditation

3. You have the right to set boundaries at work

In a competitive workplace , Setting healthy boundaries for work can be a real challenge : Is to allow others to cross the border in order to climb up ; Or risk not being promoted 、 The risk of not getting a raise or praise , Stand firm .

Everyone has their own standards , Some don't mind being flexible , Others need to hold the line . For individuals , It is very important to be honest with your needs .

Honesty is not being coerced by external standards , Act according to your inner thoughts . As long as you can strike a balance between your own needs and choices , Whether you choose to increase the size , Or reduce the burden , You will feel the balance .

4. Create a quiet place for the soul

In the workplace , Our awareness of what is happening , Will be prejudiced 、 Accumulated habits 、 Distorted by fear and imagination . Mindfulness can help us pierce this distortion with deep awareness , State the problem in a very different way , Let's get into curiosity 、 to open up 、 A state of high spirits .

Some big companies include mindfulness training in their employee training programs , Set up a meditation room in the office . Google “Search Inside Yourself” Course experiments show that , Compared with the control group , Employees who receive mindfulness practice , The frequency of activating the relevant parts of the brain related to positive feelings has greatly increased .

You can also create a meditation space in the office , A free conference room 、 Toilets , Or a station of one square meter .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation


The second pillar of workplace happiness , It's focus . Concentration is the ability to concentrate .

Concentration enhances the feeling of immersion and flow , Let us regain our energy . what's more , It can help us release unhealthy internal anxiety . such as , A punitive regret for the past .“ I should have done better , At least it should be wise to shut up .”

such as , Unnecessary worries about the future ,“ The plane may be late , Then I can't catch the next flight , So it was night when I arrived in Japan . So there is no taxi to the hotel , I will miss the next day's meeting ! I will lose my job !” And such as , Some addictive tendencies .

Of course , Concentration does not mean that we should never think about the future or the past , It means that we don't have to be subject to anxious speculation or self destructive regret , It should be today , Grasp it now .

 One square meter of meditation

1. a , It doesn't increase productivity

Why people today are so hard to focus , In addition to the flood of information that comes too often , It is also because people are crazy about efficiency . The media continue to strengthen the image of successful people who have several jobs and are outstanding in all aspects , Let the atmosphere of separation and skill in the workplace gradually become irresistible .

But in fact , Multitasking is nothing more than a modern apotheosis , It is also the main cause of low self-confidence and nervous tension in the workplace . Attention is not endless , The brain can only focus on one thing at a time . If you listen to music and read , In a moment , You either don't hear the music , Or I'm not reading .

The fallacy of multitasking arises , It's because attention can really switch quickly between tasks , But the result is , Each job takes longer , Overall efficiency declines . Studies have shown that , The same job , If done in a situation of repeated diversion , Need more than usual 50% Time for , The error rate will also increase 50%.

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

2. Boring is because of not enough investment

Boredom is not due to lack of fun , Instead, it is caused by insufficient investment . When we focus on the present moment with all our heart , We will notice that no two moments are exactly the same . And the higher our attention to certain experiences , The details will become more charming . Concentration itself is the grace of life .

3. Quit your “ Procrastination ”

Psychologist Joseph · Ferrari pointed out , The five mindsets that lead to procrastination are :① Overestimate the remaining time .② Underestimate the complexity of the work and the time it takes .③ Overestimate the motivation to move the next day .④ Think you need to be in good shape to start .⑤ The results made when the state is mistaken as bad are unqualified .

Procrastination causes guilt , Because it goes against our best judgment , Knowing that procrastination will make things worse , But knowingly . Guilt is actually a hint of behavior correction , But guilt alone can't solve the problem . The most effective practice for getting rid of procrastination , It's about recognizing where you have problems , Then use the single focus method , Solve the problem in small orderly steps .

Artist Doreen has a serious habit of procrastination . As a freelancer , Her home is full of unfinished work , And scattered clothes , Heaped cups and plates . She spends at least... Every day 3 I spent hours in bed watching TV , To avoid the guilt of procrastination . Because there are too many things to do , Too little time , Do not know how to start . When she consulted the author , Reach a challenge agreement ,30 In the day , Only one job per day . After a month , Doreen's behavior changed a lot . This method of getting rid of procrastination , It's single point focus .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation


The third pillar of workplace happiness , It's compassion . Compassion is the ability to start anew from imperfections and mistakes .

In a highly competitive culture in the workplace , Compassion has always been regarded as a second-class virtue . Only when you are not brave enough 、 When not outstanding enough , Others will praise your generosity . But in fact , Because of compassion , People are aware of the common destiny , So as to truly accept each other's imperfections , Jump out of the narrow system reaction , The whole becomes stronger 、 Stronger . Compassion means insight , This is the premise of all mindfulness exercises .

1. Judgment is a sharp blade that hinders happiness

The biggest obstacle to happiness in the workplace , Is strict 、 Negative judgments . Whether judged , Or judge others , Will build a wall between teams , Block the communication of the mind . The most popular tagging war in social media today , It is the concrete manifestation of this obstacle . The root of this behavior is often a lack of security 、 Fear and envy .

2. Magnify the good of others

A lady spoke in the author's class and said ,“ I feel that I am full of love and compassion for the omnipresent beings …… As long as I'm alone ”, Cause a lot of laughter . Yes , If strangers throw rubbish on the road , We will not hesitate to label him as unqualified . Only those you are familiar with , When someone who has been recognized by us in some way has done something wrong , We will consider him thoroughly , Defend him .

in other words , If we can find something good in others , And feel it carefully and recognize it , We think of the complexities and challenges that everyone can face , So as to hold a more tolerant view of that person .

There is a person in charge of the enterprise , Have all employees line up in two lines every day , Read a few words together :“ This man is just like me , Life is full of twists and turns . Just like me , They repent of their mistakes . Just like me , They want to be happy ”. This is to make employees understand , Even if someone's behavior is not pleasant , They are also people who want to do things right .

 One square meter of meditation

3. Use the three elements of tolerance , Make yourself and others better

Many cultures seem to believe , As long as we condemn harshly 、 Treat yourself cruelly , Coupled with full introspection , Can grow from such punishment . But the fact is that when we use the three elements of tolerance : Mindfulness 、 Common humanity and kindness , When you stop blaming yourself , On the contrary, it is more acceptable 、 Transform disasters in the workplace .

Mindfulness enables us to view our own experiences more emotionally . The common humanity will let us understand , Being human means being imperfect , Suffering and want are shared experiences . Kindness allows us to treat ourselves and others with warmth and understanding .

We are not perfect , Make mistakes , But we can learn to start over .

You didn't speak at the meeting , Instead of scolding yourself severely in your heart :“ Not a word was said in the whole meeting , What a waste !”, It would be better to change the judgment into a soft whisper :“ I think keeping quiet can help me get along well with my colleagues , But I was wrong . I don't know much about them , To myself, too , I understand this now .”

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

4. You don't have to rely on others' evaluation

When we build happiness on the acceptance and appreciation of others , The mood will rise and fall with it , By the biased feedback from the outside world . Everyone wants to be liked , This is a natural human response . The question is whether to pay too much attention to or neglect .

There must be many different voices in the workplace , If we regard praise as the only basis of personality , You must sacrifice what you think is right to reach consensus . It was very painful .

Be merciful to others and yourself , Be honest with the roots of your beliefs , We realize that who we are is not the same as what we are doing , The judgment of work is not the same as the true self , We're just going to do this job . This allows us to replace exclusion with an open mind , So as to listen to the really useful criticism .

 One square meter of meditation


The fourth pillar of workplace happiness is flexibility , It refers to training from frustration 、 depressed 、 The ability to recover from failure , That's what we used to say about anti fragility .

The workplace is full of tension and challenges 、 Conflict 、 Frustration and the feeling of being hollowed out , But happiness in the workplace also comes from us and these obstacles 、 The ability to feel antagonism . Touch every challenge and setback with a beginner's mind , Is the essence of elasticity . When we choose not to be defeated , It becomes exercise acceptance 、 Opportunities for flexibility and patience .

1. Take care of yourself gently

Physical and mental fatigue will make people lose their elasticity , It's a state of obvious exhaustion , If you don't take good care , Lack of motivation 、 depressed 、 tired 、 Anger will roll like a snowball .

Regarding this , Many surveys show that , Strategic “ It's really lucky to recover ”, Including lunch break 、 Sleep longer 、 Leave the office for a nap and vacation , Can significantly improve efficiency and health , Increase internal elasticity .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

2. You don't have to take all the mistakes , Just start over

We have always had a misunderstanding , Think we have to treat our colleagues 、 Boss 、 Greater control over customers and work results , And therefore accumulate the blame on yourself . The truth is often , We are a small part of the overall situation , There is no ability to direct operation of the universe , Unable to stop the unexpected events that make us blame ourselves . In any event , There are many conditions 、 Influence and cause of formation are intertwined .

The author once took a taxi to a lecture site during the shift change of taxi drivers in New York . Finally, I met a driver who was willing to drive her , It didn't take long for the car to get stuck in a traffic jam . The author sat in the car worried , Both for oneself Miss speech FRET , Also worried about the driver being fined for being late for shift change . She couldn't help apologizing to the driver ,“ I apologize , Please give me a lift , But now you may be late . I didn't expect the road would be so terrible , I've never seen anything like this , I'm really sorry ……” The driver interrupted her , say :“ This lady , The traffic jam is not your fault ”. A meal , And he said ,“ It's not my fault ”.

3. Be patient and resilient at low tide

When work is difficult , It is particularly important to keep your body flexible and elastic .

2008 In the financial crisis of , There was a company that was going to lay off workers , When the president told his wife that he was going to lay off staff , His wife asked him ,“ You made this decision out of fear , Or out of love ?” He replied ,“ Fear, of course . Our orders have decreased , The market demand for outdoor clothing may plummet .” His wife asked him ,“ If it is out of love , What decisions will you make ?” He said , I will find other innovative ways to reduce expenses . He did that , Tell employees “ Listen to me , I'm not going to lose any of you , So we have to share , Be careful ”, As a result, the company has ushered in the most brilliant 4 In performance .

 One square meter of meditation

4. Vent your emotions at the right time , Peace will come

Various caregivers are particularly prone to physical and mental overdraft , They will have a feeling of being overwhelmed 、 The feeling of being unable to continue helping others , This feeling is often called “ Empathy is depressed ”. Mindfulness practice is the solution to this symptom .

Neuroscientists in empathy experiments , Let some monks and some ordinary people watch the videos of the sufferers . Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) The scan shows , The monk's mind is full of care 、 There is an increase in regional activities that nourish positive social emotions ; And those who have not practiced mindfulness , In the brain is and sadness 、 The pain - related area became active .

A girl engaged in humanitarian work in Afghanistan , After a period of work , Always have a big cry . Her colleague told her , If there is reason to cry , Crying is not an embarrassment . Timely vent their emotions , It is possible to reach peace , understand “ you 're right , I am in it , I will try to solve , But in the end, it may not be up to me .”

Communication and connection

The fifth pillar of workplace happiness is communication and connection . It is to resolve workplace conflicts , The ability not to be controlled by emotions .

In every day when people are closely intertwined , With skilled communication , Connect with colleagues , It's very important to be happy at work .

 One square meter of meditation

1. Three techniques for avoiding communication mines

At work and on any other occasion , We can all use the following three principles to communicate with people skillfully .

① Is this information true ?

② Is it useful to make such communication at this time ?

③ Think about it , Are you about to say something out of kindness ?

Make sure what you say is true 、 It is very important that the timing and motivation be in line with compassion . Keep listening during the conversation , More important for the final effect .

2. Not be hurt by the culture of workplace derogation

Nowadays, derogatory culture is becoming more and more popular , Sarcasm is often regarded as humor , Be flattered . however , In a culture that belittles others , There must be a pessimistic atmosphere , The jungle rule has become a psychological model in the workplace .

As a person , Like to interact with people 、 Interact with the team , Eager to be recognized 、 Be part of a group , It is nature that has been shaped in ancient times . Many studies have shown that , How many good friends does a person have in the workplace , And how serious he would be 、 How happy you are is of great relevance .

3. Replace negative questions with positive ones

Positive questions focus on what is doing well in the organization . The traditional questioning logic is “ What happened ? Can I solve it ?” Positive questioning is about recognizing what is useful , Then decide how to remember 、 Strengthen and enlarge .

Its typical sentence pattern is :“ Where are the parts that have worked well ?”“ What do you think is the best experience ?”

 One square meter of meditation

4. The ability not to be kidnapped by malicious impulse

Through mindfulness practice , We can learn a few basic principles to avoid the most common communication pitfalls .

The first is to use “ I ” Sentence pattern of . such as , When you protest , You might say “ Cynthia , You never care if someone is waiting for you to hand in your expense statement on time .” But you'd better say “ Cynthia , When I didn't receive your expense statement on time , I feel very disappointed . I had hoped to get off work early on Friday , Get together with my daughter .”

The second is the awareness of body expression . In face-to-face communication , significance 55% Through the expression 、 Gestures and gestures to convey ,38% From the tone , Only 7% From language .

Finally, remember to listen again . Listening is often more useful than talking .

in addition , Don't engage in gossip in the workplace .

5. Be careful with written communication

When we want to communicate in writing , If sent email、 Wechat and other information , Before sending , Sit down , Take three deep breaths , Then go back to the message , Start reading it . Not the content , But to see what effect the emotion has on the reader .

6. Do not let negative emotions in the workplace affect family life

Emotions are contagious , It will have ripple effect on the working environment . An intolerable colleague , Not only bad for you , It's also bad for your spouse , Even ripples will continue to the spouse's workplace . In the workplace , Such ripples happen at any time , Therefore, the change of personal awareness will bring about beyond personal effects .

 One square meter of meditation


Integrity is the sixth pillar of workplace happiness , It refers to the ability to bring the deepest moral values to the workplace .

1. When your core values conflict with your work

When work conflicts with integrity , We will feel pain . But it is not easy to be yourself at work , Priorities in the workplace often conflict with personal values . The work itself will bring many conflicting requirements , Such as fierce competition , And they have to cooperate with each other .

In the mire , Someone will ask. , If it is the Buddha , What would he do ? In a moral dilemma , Think about what a spiritual mentor would do , It will help .

Sherry said , Once when she was on duty, she received an alarm , A divorced father ended his weekend visit , Refuse to return her little daughter to her ex-wife . When Sherry intervened , He threatened her . In the old police style , She would handcuff him directly , Into prison . But that day , Because I just studied with Zen master Yixing , She tried to persuade the father to let go , Instead of arresting him , And sincerely comfort him , result , The 1.9-meter-tall man leaned against the 1.6-meter-tall Sherry like a child and burst into tears . later , When she meets him again , He picked her up from behind , Shout , Thank you for saving my life .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

2. Be clear about your intentions , Don't devalue yourself

Intention should be seen as the bottom line when we measure our actions . The act of instant impulse is intention , It is also our belief and desire .

Once you sense your intention , And its corresponding value , We can see more rationally how it works in action and how the best original intention is kidnapped by the environment . such , Even if it fails , You don't have to devalue yourself .

3. When work challenges your ethics

One of the author's students works in a sushi restaurant , She was trained when guests asked about the freshness of the food , Lie to your guests . In fact, the fish is not bad , It won't make anyone sick . But some people are obsessed with whether the fish were caught that day , Of course , It's usually not that fresh . The student finally decided to tell the truth .

How do we deal with the feeling of stalemate , Will lead us to a solution . Even if it's painful , But be keenly aware of our conflicts and dilemmas , It is part of the process of open awareness .

 One square meter of meditation


The seventh pillar is meaning . The so-called meaning in the workplace , Is the ability to combine work with personal values .

What is work to you , A salary ? An identity ? Or the realization of a dream ? Different answers , It determines whether you can feel meaning in the workplace .

Any job can be significant , Can also be meaningless , It just depends on how you look at it .

1. Three levels of work : Work 、 career 、 summon

There is a story , We're all familiar with .“ Three workers are building a wall . Someone came to ask :‘ What are you doing? ?’ The first man said angrily :‘ Don't you see ? Build a wall .’ The second man looked up and smiled , say :‘ We are building a tall building .’ The third man hummed while working , He said happily with a smile :‘ We are building a new city !’ The story is old-fashioned , But it does vividly describe the three levels of work : Work 、 career 、 summon .

When you see work as the work you have to do to support yourself , Salary must be the biggest attraction . Then look for the so-called meaning , It seems superfluous and impractical .

When you see work as a profession , You may find satisfaction in the job itself , But will it get you a promotion 、 reputation 、 status , Is often the most valued factor .

But when you see work as a call , You are doing what you are doing out of enthusiasm , that , Whether or not it makes you rich or famous , You will feel its meaning , Because meaning is itself .

 One square meter of meditation

2. Self worth cannot be equated with work

In ancient philosophy “ do ”(doing) Culture and “ yes ”(being) Cultural distinction . Today's elite education system , Obviously subordinate to “ do ”(doing) Culture , We are used to “ Where are you ” As the beginning of greetings , To identify a person by his professional role . But important and prominent positions are, after all, extremely limited , Most people face the problem of how to maintain self-esteem in a humble position .

You can remember your core intention , And put it into practice , such , You give meaning to your work . Whoever pays , I am self-employed . Although the work may not be perfect , But at least we have chosen our current job now .

When you break free “ Work or death ” This mental model , We can tap the creative potential of the situation .

Work is conditional and short-lived , Just like all Impermanence in the world . We will try our best to carry out these works , But will not be lost in these temporary roles .

3.“ Plant seeds ” meditation

Write down one thing you really want to achieve at work , List the things you can control directly in the corresponding column , Your attitude 、 The process you put into 、 Strategies and resources you can control . Then write down in another column who or what will determine the final result . When you finish writing and review this list, you will find , We are often too preoccupied with the second column , I think it's my responsibility .

These two lists , Will remind us deeply , The world is interconnected , Affecting each other . The first list reminds us “ Plant seeds ”, We must do what we should do , Otherwise nothing will grow . The second list reminds us of other forces , Keep an open mind when we try to force .

Micro meditation tips :

 One square meter of meditation

Open awareness

The last pillar of workplace happiness is open awareness . It refers to the ability to see different possibilities without limiting themselves .

Open awareness means that we observe the situation as it is and do not feel the need to change it . Even though , It sounds passive , But you can live in the present moment and don't care if it's perfect , But the way to true happiness .

Open awareness leads to total acceptance , Total acceptance leads to the cessation of conflict , Stopping conflict leads to clarifying goals and vision , And this leads to our next skillful action .

1. From a different perspective , See different aspects of work

Emerson said , Life is not the angle of personal vision , besides , What else ?

We often hear a complaint , Is that people feel restricted by work , Make your existence more humble . But in fact , Doesn't work also open up our life ? When we initiate open awareness , The lens zooms in to accommodate a larger picture .

John's boss is both nosy and affected , John doesn't think so , Working with her every day is like sitting on pins and needles . When the wife is ill , John thought she would act heartless , As a result, the boss approved his two-month leave without saying a word . Other colleagues who often take care of themselves , I often talk to John on the phone , Cheer him up . When John returns to his post , He found that his view of things had completely changed . I used to use negative lens , Then the worst thing happened . Now? , The same boss and colleagues , But he saw another side of their personality .

Awareness is plastic , We are always choosing how to paint the truth . When you find this , No matter what the external environment is , Can take this to enter a peaceful refuge .

 One square meter of meditation

2. Let go of rigidity and self imposed limitations

We don't have to invent a wrong idea to reinforce the illusion we have made , Just calm down , Keep in mind that our potential is hidden under our circumstances .

When an author encounters a bottleneck in writing a Book , She consulted a good writer , The other party's suggestion is :“ You can't keep thinking that you are the author of this book , But think of yourself as the first person to read this book .” result , The author's self struggle 、 Deliberately showing off , Have been cured .

3. Extricate oneself from the impasse

There is a fable in India : There is a kind of monkey trap that spreads sticky asphalt on the ground , As soon as the monkey stepped on the first foot, it stuck . In order to get away , The monkey put the other foot on it , Then the hands , head , Finally, the monkey was completely trapped .

We are also like this monkey , Always in the same piece of sticky between the square inch , But refused to think about innovation , So hard to pay the running water . Actually , We can look around , Reach for a branch or a nearby person , And be free . Face up to the fact that we have reached an impasse , Then seize the opportunity to make a big change .

 One square meter of meditation


all the time , People see work as a limitation , Tired and suffering from work . A different perspective , Perhaps the problems that arise at work are not challenges or aggression , It's about unleashing potential 、 Get the invitation of wisdom .

You may be alarmed by the invitation 、 anxious , But never mind. , Sit under the eight pillars , We always have the ability to readjust and start over .

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