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Why football

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Why football , The quadrennial world cup , Ignite the world like a fireball this summer . How many people stay up late for it , Cheer it up , Roar and revel for it . Whether you know football or not , Do you like it , There is probably a question : Why football can make people so crazy ? The author says , Football is more than just a game . It is a faithful interpretation of human nature . Whether out of curiosity , Or want to know more about football , It is necessary for you to read this book . It will reveal the most primitive connection between football and human beings .

 Why football

Why football value

The quadrennial world cup , Ignite the world like a fireball this summer .

How many people stay up late for it , Cheer it up , Roar and revel for it .

Whether you know football or not , Do you like it , There is probably a question :

Why football can make people so crazy ?

The author says , Football is more than just a game . It is a faithful interpretation of human nature .

Whether out of curiosity , Or want to know more about football , It is necessary for you to read this book .

It will reveal the most primitive connection between football and human beings .

Why football Author's brief introduction

 Why football

[ Britain ] Desmond · Maurice

Born in 1928 year , Famous British zoologist 、 Human behaviorist 、 Science writer , The representative works 《 Naked ape 》 Trilogy (《 Naked ape 》《 Human zoo 》《 Intimacy 》) Global marketing 2000 Ten thousand volumes .

Morris is a loyal football fan ,1977 - 1984 year , He has been the technical director of Oxford United Football Club .

fine Hua Explain read

The following is 《 Why football ?》 An interpretation of the essence of a Book , For the majority of book friends to learn reference , Welcome to share , It cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission .

Why football Text

introduction : Football tribe

Why football has become the most popular sport of mankind ?

With this question , The author spent years traveling around , A systematic exploration of football . He used the metaphor of tribe , Uncover the various postures and deep essence of this sport , Let's see a richer three-dimensional football .

This is a football culture tour , It is also a search for human nature .

One 、 The root of the tribe

1. Tribal origins

The origin of football tribe , It has gone through four stages :

First of all Hunting age . At that time , Our ancestors did not hunt for sport , But to survive . In hunting , Their physique is getting stronger and stronger , The mind is becoming more and more flexible .

The second is Farming Era . After more than a million years of hunting and gathering , Hunter ancestors learned to keep animals in captivity and plant crops . They gradually settled down , Become a farmer .

however , A peaceful life , Not fully adapted to their hunter genes . They still need competitive challenges and the pleasure of hunting . To release energy , Hunting became their entertainment .

Next is The age of bloody sports . After the agricultural revolution , Towns sprang up in large numbers , Human beings have lost the space to move in the wild . So there was the Colosseum .

People take animals to cities , Challenge them in a closed space . The killing in the arena is extremely cruel . On the opening day of the Colosseum , More than 5000 animals were slaughtered .

Last , As the humane view of animals is supported by more and more people , The era of fake hunting emerge as the times require . The bloody sports in the Colosseum have been transformed into modern ball games .

 Why football

2. The faces of football

Undertake the origin of football , Coupled with the continuous development of the times , The connotation of football is more and more abundant , Make it present many faces .

  • Ritual hunting

The players appear to be fighting fiercely , But not to destroy each other . Their aim is to shoot past their opponents , Complete the symbolic hunting .

Football matches retain many elements of primitive hunting . For example, the tactical discussion before the game ; Strategy application in the competition 、 Crisis and risk ; The physical and technical requirements of players , And the complex relationship and cooperation of the team . This is why football is more popular than other sports .

  • Programmed combat

A football match is like a mini war , It has a belligerent side . The outcome is divided into winners and losers , Make it relevant to the symbolism of battle .

  • Status display

The author says , In the short term , The result of a recent game determines the status of each football tribe . Relevant evidence shows that , The success of the football team , It can improve the work efficiency of local workers , Promote economic development . conversely , The failure of the football team , It will hit the local industry .

  • religious rites

On a certain level of human nature , Football has a religious meaning . For some people , It replaces the old church services and festivals . They are like fanatical believers , Sing in unison in the stands . They regard the football field as “ The holy land ”, Worship the players you admire . And some hymns , It's really from the church song book .

  • Social drugs

Some people say , The football game is a drug peddled by capitalist exploiters . Its purpose , It is to let the workers vent their dissatisfaction on this movement , So as to stay away from politics and trade union activities . The author thinks that , This view is just a political gimmick , It is a one-sided view of football .

  • A big business

Football is a business , But it's not just a business . The author says , Indeed, quite a few consortiums have entered the football world , But they have no intention of using it as a tool to make money . They put money into the team , More to show the identity of the rich .

  • A dramatic performance

Modern football belongs to mass entertainment . Its entertainment includes stars 、 Art performance 、 Award ceremony 、 Fan club, etc . This is also the most attractive face of football .

Two 、 Tribal rituals

1. Tribal law

One of the greatest advantages of football , It is easy to understand . Maybe it is to protect this feature , The laws of the football tribe have not changed in general .19 The end of the century , It has 17 term , It's still 17 term . Difference , Only minor adjustments have been made to the main rules . Football laws , The following contents are mainly regulated :

① The venue .② The ball .③ Number of players .④ Player equipment .⑤ The referee .⑥ linesman .⑦ The length of the game .⑧ The beginning of the game .⑨ Dead ball and live ball .⑩ Scoring method .⑪ Offside .⑫ Fouls and misconduct .⑬ free kick .⑭ A penalty .⑮ Out of bounds .⑯ Goal ball .⑰ Corner kick .

 Why football

2. Tribal taboos

Fast rate 、 Fast tempo is the most exciting characteristic of football . Every break in the game , Are unpleasant distractions . And these disturbances add up , It constitutes the main tribal taboo . It is mainly divided into the following six categories :

① violence

This is a foul that should be punished . It includes kicking 、 Stretch your foot and stumble 、 Beat up 、 Hold on 、 pushing 、 Block or knock down the opposing player , And other violent acts .

② Insulting behavior

This is also a foul that should be punished . It includes challenging or ignoring referees , And insulting other players . Such as questioning the origin or intelligence of the referee 、 Spit on your face 、 Words are filthy .

③ Cowardly behavior

In this act , The most irritating thing is “ Return pass ”. It's a defensive player who doesn't face his opponent and drive the ball forward , And pass the ball back to your own goalkeeper .

④ Handball

This is an old stadium taboo , It's also what makes soccer , Become a real football game . Except for the goalkeeper in his own penalty area , Other players only serve out of bounds , To hold the ball with your hands .

⑤ Kick the ball out of bounds

This behavior undermines the smoothness of the game . If it happens too often , It will make people impatient . However , As a security precaution , Players sometimes deliberately kick the ball out of bounds .

⑥ Offside

This taboo , To prevent players from waiting for the ball near the opponent's goal . It requires a player who does not hold the ball , In the other half , Between the player and the opposing goal , There must be at least two opposing players .

3. Central ceremony

The central ceremony of the football tribe , It's a game . It is full of suspense , Under strict control . All tribal activities , It is all around this central ceremony .

The author says , From the moment the referee blew the whistle , Football is like an activated grenade . Brake time , It is the focus of all tribal members . It affects every nerve of people . People shout for it , It's hard to sit still for it .

 Why football

4. The climax of the ceremony

goal , It is the climax of the central ceremony . People cheered for the goal 、 Cry , Tread . Why it is so important , One reason is that it is difficult to score goals .

A game , The most common score for a team is 1, The second most common score is 0. According to relevant data , Every game , Each team touches the ball about 1000 Time . So whoever touches the ball , His probability of scoring is less than one in a thousand .

therefore , Those prolific shooters , People who are regarded as gods . Followers idolize them , prostrate oneself in worship .

Pele the king , It's a typical example . In his career , He scored a total of 1284 grain , No one has surpassed . People's admiration for him is unprecedented .

For example, once , He went to Colombia to play . In the meantime, he had a dispute with the referee over the penalty , Be ejected . So the audience rushed to the arena , Beating the referee , Stop the game from continuing . They asked Pele to play again , Just willing to give up . Pele was finally allowed to return to the game . This is the only time in the history of football , Such requirements are permitted .

Bailey also stopped a war . During the Nigerian civil war , To watch Pele's game , The belligerents agreed to a two-day truce . Besides , Bailey also met with no less than ten kings 、 Five emperors 、 Seventy presidents 、 Two popes and thirty-eight heads of state .

The root causes of these events , Because of Pele's extraordinary shooting ability .

3、 ... and 、 Tribal hero

1. The hero's background

Many great stars of our time , They are all from the working class . Their first kick in life , They are all in a back alley or side street .

So is Pele . As a child, he and his friends , Can't afford a decent football , Just borrow the socks hanging in the street . They stuff rags or paper into it , Then fasten the sock head with a rope . One “ football ” And so was born .

A ball 、 A simple football field , Let these children's childhood enrich . Because of these exercises , Tribal heroes have practiced boy skills . Their feet are flexible , Good control of the ball , Football seems to be a part of their body .

In addition to the skills , Tribal heroes also need to have a strong fighting spirit . also , They have to have a deep understanding of the sport . That's the point. , Many tribal heroes grew up in the background , All have family members who lead the way . Like Bailey 、 Paul · Maldini 、 frank · Lampard , Their father is a professional football player . in addition , There are some top players' fathers , A fanatical follower of the local football team .

2. Heroic personality

The personality of tribal heroes , It contains a kind of conflict . One side , They must be competitive . On the other hand , As a member of the team , They must learn to cooperate with others . They need to strike a balance between competition and cooperation .

Besides , Their hearts must be incomparably strong , Not only to bear all the hardships for the goal , And withstand all the pressure from the outside world .

The author thinks that , A successful player must have the following seven personality traits

① Self centered , Have a strong desire to achieve oneself .

② steady , We must go all the way .

③ Behave yourself , The rules must be observed .

④ Have a strong mind , You have to face the risk .

⑤ Conscientious and conscientious , Never be lazy .

⑥ self-control , Have strong self-control ability .

⑦ Be determined , Have to be confident .

 Why football

3.  The bravery of a hero

Violence on the football field is common . But the injuries it causes , It doesn't deter the players . They hit high-intensity bodies , Showed extraordinary courage and determination . Like Gordon · Banks , He was on the court , An arm injury caused by jumping on the attacking player's foot . But he continued to play with his broken arm , He still has a screw in his elbow .

Most of the injuries occurred in the head and legs . For example, when two players header at the same time , Head impact often leads to concussion . Another example , The player's teeth , Will be broken by flying shoes .

Leg injuries include cuts 、 Bruise 、 Ligament tear 、 fracture 、 Tendon rupture, etc . Countless players have knee problems . There are also many players with leg injuries , You can only leave football .

4.  There are many tricks

The author says , Today's tribal heroes must have IQ online . Because they have to face a double challenge . One is the formal competition on the football field , The other is an irregular Yin move . Before the football match , There are five most common Yin moves

①  Smoke screen

This is the coach's way of confusing the other side . For example, before the game , They claimed that a draw would be enough . But when it comes to the game, it's a big offense . Or exaggerate the injury of a star , Let the opponent take it lightly and change tactics . At the start of the match, I found , The star is in good condition .

②  Play the hospitable host

This is the host's trick to entertain the visiting team . such as , A team went to Vienna to play . On the morning of the game , The organizer arranged for them to visit the city scenic spots on foot , To burn the players' energy .

③  Black tricks

This trick , Mostly on the eve of a game , Sleep deprivation of visiting team players . For example, arrange them in a hotel near the discotheque , Let the noisy environment affect the visiting team . Or let the local fans , Parade back and forth in front of the guest hotel , All night revelry .

④  Scandal tactics

This was done by fabricating the scandal of the visiting team players , To disturb their mental state . such as , England captain Bobby · Mole , He was falsely accused of stealing jade bracelets from a shop in Colombia . Although the evidence is full of holes , But he was detained for four days .

⑤“ Safety first ” Strategy

For security reasons , The host claimed that the visiting players must be protected by guards or police , To make the visiting team feel uneasy . For example, Manchester United , Once I went abroad to compete . Without the protection of a convoy , They are not allowed to leave their hotel .

Four 、 Other elements of the tribe

1. Tribal landmarks

Each tribe has a specific symbol , Football tribes are no exception . It mainly includes the following five markers :

①  football

The ball is the focus of all the activities of the football tribe . In the middle ages , The ball used in the game is the spoils of the goalscorers . It is “ The hunter ” Take home “ prey ”. In modern times , Football is like a missile aimed at the enemy goal . It became a weapon of killing .

② Uniforms and equipment

The function of football uniform and its equipment , One side , To protect players from bad weather 、 Prevent players from getting hurt . On the other hand , They must not interfere with the flexibility of limb movements .

③ Color

Color is an important signal of football tribe . It generally refers to the player's shirt color . It must meet the following four requirements :

First of all , It must make the wearer look more conspicuous . second , It must make the wearer look different from the opponent . Third , It must make the wearer look like a neighbor ( Other clubs in the same city ) Dissimilarity . Fourth , It must give the wearer a psychological advantage , A deterrent to enemy players .

④ Symbol

Tribal badges and symbols , It is the sacred totem of every football club . This will not only enhance the emotional ties of the tribe , Make tribal people more loyal , It is also a threat and warning to the other tribe .

⑤ Spoils

The prize for the winner of the football tribe , Called booty . It includes trophies 、 hat 、 shield 、 Statues, etc . Since the , Gain booty , It is the most important task for every tribal hero .

 Why football

2. Tribal elders

The elder of the football tribe , Including tribal councils ( Directors and chairman )、 Tribal witch doctor ( Managers and coaches 、 Physiotherapists and trainers )、 Tribal judge ( Alliances and associations 、 Referee and linesman ) etc. .

among , As a representative of tribal judges , The referee and linesman are especially worth mentioning . These judges are on the court , Against the ever-changing conditions , Make an irrevocable and immediate judgment . In the eyes of tribal people , Some of them are like angels , Some are like demons , There is justice , Some are biased . these Judges are divided into the following seven categories

① Blind judge : Turn a blind eye to things on the court , I seem to have lost my whistle . They are very popular with hard liners .

② The whistle never leaves the referee : I will whistle when I see any small mistake , Blowing the whistle has become a habit . They are referees the fans hate , But they are very popular with gentler players .

③ Home team referee : In their eyes , All the Fouls of the home team are passionate breaks . The visiting team is a pack of wild animals , Its behavior is no different from that of wild animals .

④ The headmaster judges : Treat players as pupils . When a warning is issued , Keep calling the players “ To come over ”, And frequently swing your fingers and preach . Such referees are hated by all the players .

⑤ Gorgeous referee : Dressing is beyond reproach . Always know where the TV camera is . Often perform the player's fouls in person .

⑥ Smiling referee : Knowledgeable and humorous . Even when a stern warning is given , With a smile . They are players' favorites .

⑦ The perfect referee : Firm and fair , Low key and decisive . Can be in 50 Mi Wai distinguishes between slipping and diving . They are rare species , But not yet extinct .


Every race day , The followers of the tribe began to gather in one place . They wear bright clothes , Holding a banner , Gather in the arena . They shouted the names of tribes and heroes , They sing or shout loudly . They beat the drums 、 Blow the horn , Clap warmly .

These followers are special beings . They are no less important than the players in the game . They make every game more exciting , More exciting . Without their desire 、 Warm 、 Loyalty and follow , The sport will collapse .

This is not just for economic reasons , And because followers are part of the sport .

Why football Conclusion

The charm of football is fascinating , Its influence on people can not be ignored .

As teacher Fan said in his interpretation , Make good use of the influence of football , To the community 、 Bring more positive changes to education .

At that time , It is not just football that spreads further , Where we live , It will also be better .

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