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Life efficiency manual

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《 Life efficiency Handbook 》 Through personal practice , Put forward four models of self-management system : time management 、 Management by objectives 、 Efficiency management 、 Health management , Teach young people how to input , That is, the four scenarios of knowledge and skill sources —— read 、 Human based teacher plan 、 Courses and meetings , And the power of walking , Finally achieve correct output —— writing 、 Presentation and practical skills . In the workplace , Learn to “ tricks ”, Little detours , Master the right way . Improve your efficiency a little bit every day , Build hard skills in the workplace , You can have a better life .

 Life efficiency Handbook

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》
《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Life efficiency manual recommendation

Very confused , What if there is no direction ?
Why did you graduate just a few years , I was pulled open a huge gap ?
Why others are always irreplaceable , But I can't bear the heavy responsibility ?
Everyone has a fair share every day 24 Hours , But someone managed it carefully , Someone fooled me .
The difference in efficiency per day , Over time , It becomes a gap in quality of life .
The author of this issue is zhangmeng , Will be managed from the objective 、 time management 、 Efficient learning 、 Four aspects of cultivating hard skills , Draw science for us 、 real 、 A reproducible one-day action guide , Help us get out of the confusion quickly , Live each day productively , And then improve the efficiency of life .

Author of life efficiency Handbook

Zhang Meng , Time efficiency management expert , best-selling author , Founder of leader , Youth accelerator —— The founder of Arctic coffee , Workplace knowledge and skills sharing platform —— Founder of off-duty gas station .

Graduated from Beijing Normal University , He received a double degree in English language, literature and economics , And then walk to stay in school , He is a doctoral candidate in functional linguistics and cognitive psychology . Awarded by Boao Forum for Asia “ Global Youth Leaders ”“ The top ten education news figures in the capital ” The title of , Walk close 40 A country . Four attendance APEC Summit , And participated in the world economic forum in Davos for three times .2017 year 5 month 4 Japan , Zhang Meng boarded the big screen of times square in New York .

The core content of life efficiency manual

Management by objectives

Do you think goals are important ? May I ask you to 10 Say yourself in seconds 2018 The goal of ?

Few people claim that goals are unimportant . On the contrary, due to people's attention , Such as “ Live without purpose , It's like sailing without a compass .”“ The right goal is half the battle ” And so on , We are even familiar with it to the point of resistance .

however , in fact , There are still a large number of people , Or lack of goals , Stay in bed late every day , Spare no time , Learn to take a cursory look ; Or misunderstandings about management by objectives .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Target misunderstanding

On target management , There are two common misconceptions :

1. Everywhere is the goal , There was no goal anywhere .

The goal is bullseye , It is the key point to outline the outline . If you set too many goals , Spread out to all sides , You lose your focus , Turn the goal into a false proposition .

2. Put other people's goals , Make it your goal .

Goals have personality attributes . Everyone's goal is a deep desire that grows from the depths of his soul , According to their own environment 、 Ability is the result of tailoring . Regardless of the reality , Copy other people's goals directly , It is difficult to really understand the meaning of the goal . It's hard to imagine that a person will serve the goals of others , And do your best .

Seven character method

Goals guide us , Shield all kinds of interference , Focus on practicing and looking for . But there is nothing that can guide us to find the goal itself . therefore , The purpose of life is so important , It is very difficult to find it , Many people never find it in their whole life , Can only do nothing , Muddle through the bad news to the end of life .

What's going on , To find your true goal , Build a life-long goal worth fighting for ?

Proposed by the author 7 Personal property law , It provides us with a guide out of confusion . As long as you take the pen and paper and follow the steps , no need 50 Minutes can make your heart clear , Find your life goal quickly .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

7 The personal property law is divided into five steps .

1. come up with 1 The name of the person you dream of becoming . Be careful , Make a careful distinction between idols and people who dream of becoming . For example, some idol stars , You just like him , And don't want to be him . The name you wrote , He may be a professional bull , It may be a big business , Maybe a star in politics , It may also be the pillar of the entertainment industry , Or ordinary people who can live a quiet life . But no matter what kind of person , He should make you feel that if you become him , People who get full marks in life satisfaction index . This person occupies the highest point of your ideal , The trajectory or quality of his life , The top-level design that determines your life .

2. next , come up with 1~3 You think you've been trying to catch up , People who are likely to surpass in five to ten years . He may be someone you have come into contact with in real life , Enterprises with specific images CEO、 Leading figures in their subordinate industries, etc . These people are your middle-level benchmarks , It determines the general direction of your efforts .

Continue to think about 1~3 You've been trying , People who may catch up with and surpass in oneortwo years . This person should be the one you value and appreciate , Have direct contact with you , You can see his schedule and work plan , You can study his specific behavior trajectory . He can be your immediate leader , It can also be the excellent colleague you admire most , It can also be your better friend . Their role , On the one hand, it provides you with visual and realistic reference , On the other hand , It can be used as a motivation to motivate you , When you slack off , Think about what they are doing , Motivate yourself to pull yourself together .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

3. Sum up . Analyze the... You selected 7 What unique special abilities and skill points do individuals have , List their hard skills . such as , Jack ma, , He showed great ability to speak , Forward looking business thinking . Put all these people's hard skills on paper , Everyone writes 3 The most important skill points . Enumerate 7 A total of characters 21 A hard skill . Of course , You might have noticed , These seven people have many overlapping skill points , Then , You need to classify different skill points , List the top three items with the highest frequency , These three are your life goals and goals .

4. Self matching , Decomposition of the target . Analyze your current situation , Find out what is most important right now 、 Most in need of 、 The most likely skill points to develop , Focus on practicing .

Annual evaluation of objectives 、 monthly 、 Decomposition of weeks and days . Break down the annual goals into specific 5 A support , Determine what you need to do 5 One thing to achieve this goal . Then put this 5 Events are allocated to months according to the timeline , And then set the month 、 Zhou 、 Daily goal .

5. Introspection summary . After listing the seven characters , Retrospective summary every half a year , Cross out the characters who have surpassed , Set new characters . The last day of every month , The whole month needs to be reflected , List your gains and regrets , Adjust next month's goal accordingly .

Goal setting , Be sure to match your actual situation . If the goal is empty and ambitious , Extremely prone to frustration . We must faithfully implement programmatic goals , It is also necessary to timely adjust the daily plan according to the daily situation .

With clarity 、 The goal of Science , And practice it with excellent time management , Firmly believe in the power of persistence , Eventually we can always reach .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

time management

Where do you spend your time , What kind of person are you . go into the whys and wherefores of it , The achievement of goals , The degree to which one's own value is realized , In essence, it reflects a person's level of time management . And efficient time management , It usually involves making good use of tools .

Three misunderstandings of time management

In time management , There are also three misunderstandings .

1. Think time management is the patent of high-end people , Ordinary people don't need time management .

Some people like to joke about ,“ I'm short of everything , There is no shortage of time .” They believe that time management is a top-level patent , Your time is rich and cheap , Not worth managing .

however , On the time dimension , All people are equal , All have only a limited and consistent life dry battery . therefore , No one has a particularly rich time , Whose time should be cheap by nature . and , Only when time is not worth money , Good time management , Make room for yourself , Your time will become valuable .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Of course , Most of Xiaobai's time , Are mainly dominated by the big men , So lack of sensitivity to time management . In our daily life , Nine in the morning and six in the evening , Work overtime from time to time , The time is set by the boss 、 management , Rarely have their own time . But as mentioned above , The less time you can control , The more we need careful management , To free up more time for self-development . remember , All the great men , It all started with ordinary people .

2. Equate time management with recording 、 list .

Of course, records are an integral part of time management , But on the fine hand books , Write down what you want to do , Carefully mark different colors , Then do it one by one , It is just the starting point of time management . Real time management involves planning 、 The implementation of 、 summary 、 The overall cycle of evaluation and re planning .

3. Blindly copy other people's time management habits .

Except for novices , Some senior managers also have mistakes in time management . One side , They may be out of consideration , Sign up for a lot of time management training , Too much imitation of the teacher , Gradually lose their own style . On the other hand , When they develop their own time management methods , Too eager to extend it to all employees .

in fact , People have different time management abilities and needs , You can't ask everyone to be consistent in time management . Everyone should set a basic time management evaluation standard for themselves .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Efficiency manual

The efficiency manual is the most recommended time management tool by the author . The efficiency manual is a book , But it is not the same as notebook , Everyone can make their own efficiency manual . The author thinks that , The efficiency manual needs to include planning from , To the implementation plan 、 Summary and resumption , The whole process of evaluation and re planning .

1. Take out a piece of white paper , Draw a vertical line in the middle , From top to bottom, the timeline from morning to night is marked , List the time plan on the left side of the paper , The right half of the paper will not be filled in for the time being , Wait for the summary of the next day . It's best to set up 3 Main target events , Mark the time period corresponding to the plan on the time axis .

2. According to the plan , Start your day in order . next , the second day , Fill in the right half carefully . According to the actual situation of the previous day , Faithfully record the events of the previous day on the right side of the timeline .

3. Compare the record on the right with the plan on the left , Mark the parts that do not conform to the plan . For example, the unfinished part 、 Over completed parts and parts inconsistent with the estimated time .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

4. Analyze the marked changes one by one . What caused the plan not to be completed , It's getting up too late , Bad mood , Or the efficiency is too low ? How did the extra parts of the plan come about , A task suddenly assigned by the boss , Or did you take the initiative to do other work ? What causes the difference between estimated time and actual operation , Is overestimating their own speed , Or the overall plan adjustment ? This is the most important step in time management , It is also the part that people are most likely to miss . Whether the time management ability can be improved , It directly depends on the quality of this process .

5. Plan again , Learn from the previous plan , Adjust the details , Improve the accuracy of the plan , Try to reduce the probability of failure happening again .

The objective principle of time management

The most important rule in time management is the goal rule , This is also when making efficiency manuals , The rules that must be followed . When listing plans , The target task must conform to SMART principle , That is, the task is specific 、 Measurable 、 Feasible 、 reasonable 、 There is a time limit .

such as , The author dreams for diplomats , Once made the English learning 1000 Day grove project . She is based on 10000 Hour rule , Make sure you use 3 Years to achieve the goal of fluent English . Deduct what the school already has 5000 To 6000 Hours after the course , She found herself in need of additional 5000 Hour training . therefore , She followed 3 year 1000 Day time estimate , Make sure you practice on average every day 3 to 5 Hours .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Analyze the time structure of your day , She found that only in the morning before class , After class in the evening , And weekends are my controllable time . Because there are elective courses in the evening and on weekends 、 Minor and student activities , The practice time is finally set before class in the morning . Universities usually 8 Class starts at o'clock , therefore , Must be every day 5 A.m. , Only in this way can we guarantee enough study time .

For the next three years , The author follows this time management plan every day ,5 Get up at o'clock to study , Even the coldest winter , Also gritted his teeth and insisted . result , The exam results of the first semester provide very timely feedback , thereafter , She even won all the scholarships of the school , And get APEC The champion of the National English speech contest , Attend with leaders APEC Of CEO Summit .

Actually , Any of us can try to get up early , Apply the law of purpose , Make three plans every day , Use the early hours to implement , To cultivate their key skills .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Improve efficiency

In duplicate 、 When summarizing the plan , We usually find , Inefficiency is the culprit for the failure of the plan . therefore , Improving efficiency is the basic action to determine goals and time management . The author provides a variety of rules to improve efficiency , Among them, the tomato working method and willpower extension method are the most simple and effective .

Tomato working method

Interference is the enemy of efficiency . When we work hard , Resist early rising roommates 、 family , The new news at work pops up , It always stirs us to give up , Need shielding ability to fight it . Tomato working method , It can not only shield the immediate interference , It can also cultivate the inner anti-interference ability , Let's gradually develop the habit of rapid immersion .

The so-called tomato working method , It means Francesco · Cyril created a micro time management method , Its operation method is very simple .

1. Set a specific task list .

2. Set the tomato clock , Time is 25 minute .

3. From time to time , Start to finish the first task .

4. The tomato bell rings , Stop working , rest 3 to 5 minute , Can move 、 Drink water and so on .

5. Start the next tomato clock cycle , Until the planned task is completed , And cross out the task in the list .

After every four tomato clocks , rest 25 minute . One tomato time is inseparable , Must be complete 25 minute , Do not do anything irrelevant to the task within a tomato time , Otherwise that tomato clock will be declared invalid .

Small time span , It can effectively reduce the time pressure , Improve attention and concentration , Effectively reduce the difficulty of action . Accurate timing , It also makes the review and summary more intuitive 、 accuracy 、 facilitate .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Willpower extension

Any efficient learning 、 Work , Must follow the rule of accumulation . New knowledge of the same system , It must be based on old knowledge , A little higher each time , It will be a qualitative leap in the long run . Willpower extension method is a method to improve efficiency in line with the principle of accumulation .

The so-called willpower extension method , Just ask yourself to do a little more than the last time . Progress can be very, very small , As long as it's continuous 、 insist .

The author once experienced the effect of willpower extension in his youth . At that time, she trained herself to run for health reasons , But she is physically weak , run upward 300 MI was already panting to the limit . She wanted to give up , You can see the 60-70 year-old long-distance running group on the playground , In winter, I keep running ten thousand meters every day with my bare arms , She was deeply ashamed . therefore , She told herself , take your time , Just run more every day than the day before 10 rice , Just 10 rice . A year later , She became the runner up of the whole headmaster .

The vast majority of people with procrastination , Try to make a small request to yourself , every time , All ahead of the last time 1 Minutes to go . And the best way to turn passivity into initiative , Is to ask yourself every time deadline A little bit before . Your boss asked you to finish in two hours , Then try 1 Hours 50 Can you finish it .

When you have this habit , The most arduous task , Have to make way for your patience and tenacity .

Besides , The author also has clear goals 、 Set the tempo for the goal 、 Build a system of intensive learning 、 Build a pan learning system 、 Preview questions 、 Real time recording 、 Review practice 、 Get up early 、 Block negative information 、 Self motivation and sharing 10 The secret of highly effective learning , Already in Fandeng Reading Club APP【 Meeting 】 Block “ Knowledge supermarket ” The column goes online .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Cultivate hard skills

catch-as-catch can , Passerby A is in danger because of his low skill , The protagonist is proud of the Jianghu because of his hard skills . The workplace is like the Jianghu , People with hard skills are hot 、 standing , People without hard skills are like screws , May be replaced at any time .

Hard skill characteristics

Hard skills are the skills that make you irreplaceable , Can be obtained by learning , It is your core competitiveness in the workplace . such as , Your communication skills 、 Writing ability 、 Planning ability 、 Leadership and so on . The process of practicing hard skills , It's also like practicing magical skills , The moves need to be mastered in a down-to-earth way , Internal skill should be cultivated step by step .

After completing the above 7 After personal belongings screening , You have already determined the hard skills you need to practice . Having goals and motivation , Next , Is the process of execution .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》


In the study , One move is one process , Get through the two channels of Ren and Du , Defeating the enemy is the goal . therefore , After learning the scattered knowledge points , Be sure to integrate your skills , With a view to flexible application in different scenarios . Integration and decomposition are relative , In practice , People at lower levels are usually responsible for decomposition , High ranking people like to summarize and integrate . But in fact , No one should stop at decomposition .

In daily study and work , We can integrate our skills in this way . First , Deliberately train yourself to integrate inductive consciousness , Encounter scattered knowledge points , Quickly use the brain operating system to bring it into different categories .

It's like computer folder management . Someone's computer desktop is messy , All files are stacked out of order , Difficult to find . Someone's computer has a clean desktop , Documents are classified , You can easily and quickly find the files you need . If you were unfamiliar with induction , That might as well start by tidying up the desktop .

secondly , Also pay attention to individual skills , We should practice and master respectively . otherwise , Basic skills are not solid , Even if integrated , The lethality is still limited .

Last , Output is the best integration opportunity . When you need to teach others , Your brain automatically integrates , In order to output smoothly and methodically , therefore , Try to be a good teacher .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》


The acquisition of any skill , Are based on the feedback mechanism . So when we practice hard skills , We should also set up evaluation links . The evaluation here should include self-evaluation , Also include external evaluation , And the test of output capability .

We evaluate ourselves almost all the time , But we should pay attention to overcoming psychological traps , Avoid belittling yourself , Guard against arrogance . The best way , Is to learn from others , Compare with yourself . One side , As long as you are better than yourself in the past , Even if the progress is very small , For myself , All win . On the other hand , As long as you find that other people's methods have merit , Should actively learn from , Draw wisdom for your own use .

And external evaluation , It can come from specific people , Like your mentor , It can also come from some kind of inspection standard , For example, examination. . A person who takes English as a hard skill , All kinds of grading tests are the most fair evaluation criteria . A person who takes writing ability as a hard skill , The number of clicks is the most timely evaluation .

Last , The best criterion for learning new knowledge , Is to be able to teach . Seize every opportunity , Output your opinions , Every time it's exercise , They are all tests .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Cultivate body inertia

Learn any skill , Need a good habit . use 21 Daily habits , Cultivate the inertia of your body , Try to broaden your comfort zone .

The more comfortable the positioning is , The more dangerous your career is . Everyone who lacks core competence , There are psychological barriers that dare not go out of the comfort zone . On the way to self-improvement , Everyone is constantly challenging the comfort zone , Constant self abuse . When opportunity arises , To learn that “ Dare to ” Than “ Meeting ” It is more important , Grasp firmly . When opportunities are scarce , Try to create opportunities .

Input and output

Life is like a juicer , You put in the apples , No orange juice .

Work is a process of constantly demanding to squeeze out delicious orange juice . A person , Only continuously input high-quality oranges , To efficiently supply orange juice . Management by objectives 、 time management 、 Efficiency improvement , All need constant input to support , We also need to continuously input and improve .

input system

First of all , The most efficient channel , It's about learning from people . This includes both direct experience transfer , It also includes observing imitation learning . Listen directly to the first-hand experience from the big guy , Belong to the former . This requires us to find such people through various channels , Create opportunities to communicate with each other , Be prepared to ask questions , Put forward politely at an appropriate time . The Internet has created such opportunities for ordinary people . And the seven character method , It belongs to the latter . This requires us to be serious 、 Observe patiently , Objectively analyze the characteristics of the ox man .

Of course , When we focus on managing relationships , Continuously accumulate network resources , The first and second cases may also intersect .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

second , The most convenient channel , Believe in the power of reading . Make good use of this , Ordinary people can effectively make up for the lack of the first point . We may not have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the big guys , But they can communicate directly with their thoughts through words . Even if they didn't write the book themselves , We can also follow the books they have read , Go back to their thinking and learning . The best book to read , Not necessarily those on the best seller list , It's the ones that different celebrities recommend repeatedly .

Third , Attend industry meetings 、 train , You can also get the latest knowledge and trends . Choose a professional , A platform focused on personal improvement , We can learn the knowledge we need conveniently and systematically .

Fourth , Believe in the power of walking . The ancients said to read thousands of books , It's better to travel thousands of miles , tourism 、 Walking is also a great input opportunity . What others have belongs to you belongs to others , Only your thoughts and your feelings , Is your unique knowledge .

《 Life efficiency Handbook 》

Output system

Input and output are an organic cycle . All input is for output , And the output will react on the former . The means of output include speech 、 Including writing , We have all done a special interpretation , You can see 《 Efficient speech 》《 The power of speech 》《 You can write good stories 》. These approaches , Are very easy to carry out , You can try it today . These ways are very temper the mind , For improving ability and happiness , The utility is remarkable , It's never too late for anyone to start .

Conclusion of life efficiency manual

Many people ask , Why have you heard so much , Still can't live a good life ?

I think , That's because of the truth 、 No method can take your place . Various ways to improve the efficiency of life , The author has listed all of them for you , Just wait for your action ! Is your life beautiful or exiled , The key is always in your hand .

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