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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: litigation in the century is difficult

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , The litigation of the century A plodder . Yesterday we talked about , Huawei follows 3COM The company has formed a partnership , These two Cisco's strongest rivals are coming together , Make Cisco extremely depressed , Huawei clearly has the upper hand in the court . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue with this book , Biography of Ren Zhengfei , Yesterday we talked about , Huawei follows 3COM The company has formed a partnership , These two Cisco's strongest rivals are coming together , Make Cisco extremely depressed , Huawei clearly has the upper hand in the court .

But Cisco still has to fight the beast , The two sides launched a war of words , In the end, the U. S. court came up with a mild strategy , Cisco's plot to block the market failed , Huawei has not completely broken through the prohibition , The two sides were tied , And what's more interesting is , At this time, both sides felt that they had won , Cisco feels like it has won a big victory , And publish this view in the media , And clamored to review Huawei's source code .

Huawei also feels that it has won , Compared with the previous fiasco , Concession , At least it's a tie , There is also hope of continuing to strive for victory . At this time, Huawei is also actively preparing for the next stage of competition . But suddenly the painting turned , Cisco has changed its face , Suddenly, a political inducement to Huawei began , Contact Huawei privately , I hope to facilitate the reconciliation with Huawei , Keep your hegemony , Avoid losing both sides to Huawei . At this time, Huawei actually has this intention , They really feel the power of Cisco , It is impossible to defeat Cisco in a short time , So the team was specially assigned to communicate with Cisco .2003 year 10 month , The lawyers of both parties said , In the source code comparison on the official truce . A settlement agreement is then issued .

A blessing in disguise , This war has cost Huawei a lot , But in the end, it gained great popularity , Ren Zhengfei's status has also increased significantly , Huawei began to move from behind the scenes to in front of the stage , Become a national famous , And even world famous enterprises .2005 year , Cisco CEO Chambers , This old enemy even took the initiative to visit Huawei , But when he came back , Make it clear that , Cisco's biggest competitors are no longer the original market giants , It is an emerging company represented by Huawei . In chambers' heart , There are four main rivals , The first is Google , The second is Microsoft , The third is Alcatel , The fourth is Huawei ,

2006 Year begins , Huawei got the first in Washington state 3G Network project , Subsequently, he continued to get cooperation opportunities in the United States and Canada , But the American market and elsewhere , There are essential differences , These breakthroughs , No mercury is formed , But it is still difficult to walk , After years of hard work , Huawei's market share in the United States continues to grow 1% Not even ,2007 year , It was meant to be 22 US $100 million acquisition 3com company , But it was also obstructed by the Americans by endangering national security . Then Huawei and 3com Our alliance , Also in the 2008 year 3 The month ended .

And then 2009 year , Huawei has found another alternative , In Dallas COX Telecom operators , Huawei provides them CDMA Mobile network solutions , This means that Huawei has entered the North American telecom operation equipment supply market for the first time , This project makes Huawei profitable 300 $100 million profit .

Having said that, he expanded his business , Let's take a look at Huawei's enterprise spirit , This is the most important point of all companies , In recent years, I have learned from Huawei , Have learned to be insane , No matter what company it is, it claims to learn from Huawei's wolf nature , So what is the spirit of Huawei ? Let's start with the famous Huawei basic law .

87 year , Huawei from 7 The individual team started , Soon 100 people , Then more and more employees , here we are 1998 year , That is, before Huawei's internal reform , Ren Zhengfei has always hoped to introduce a set of regulations belonging to Huawei . Actually, it's no surprise , Any company has its own rules and regulations , Huawei also has such rules and regulations , The basic law has been established , But they pay more attention to confidentiality , Even after leaving the company , Will keep his mouth shut .

In the basic law , Set ambitious goals , Article 1 of Chapter 1 is to make Huawei a world-class equipment supplier , We will never enter the information service industry . At that time, the information service industry represented by the Internet was a hot topic , Even now, the information service industry is far more popular than the equipment industry , Huawei's adoption of the basic law is to tell all employees , Huawei is to do business in a down-to-earth manner , Do what you are best at , Keep your circle of competence .

The basic law is not achieved overnight , At the beginning , Huawei wants to encourage employees to be independent , Encourage leapfrog reporting , But he said that he must be responsible for the consequences of his actions . This is tantamount to tying up the enthusiasm of employees . let me put it another way , For example, you can put out a fire when it is on fire , But I have to bear the responsibility of being burned . So do this , Finally, it can be imagined that , It must be better to do more than less .

Later Huawei asked IBM Experts in TPM Scoring method , To assess the effectiveness of the basic law ,5 The score is full , The general standard for efficient management is 3.5 More than , At that time, Ren Zhengfei felt , This method can not achieve 3.5, It's worth it 2.7 branch , But the result was a blow to his head , Huawei's basic law is pitiful 1.8 branch , In order to change the effect of the basic law , They constantly revise and change ,2004 Huawei made another evaluation in , The result has been improved to 2.3 branch , Far from the standard . Then they can only continue to revise ,2006 The basic law of Huawei only achieved initial results after .

Huawei in your mind , Both have high income and good treatment , This is Ren Zhengfei's salary idea , He always thought that one general was incompetent and exhausted thousands of troops , So for generals who can lead troops to victory , Never grudge rewards , In Huawei's salary system , We must look forward , Also look to money , One is about the future , The other is real gold and silver , In Huawei, the salary is divided into basic salary , Fringe benefits , Overtime pay , achievement bonus , Job subsidies , And stocks . Of which, the salary , Stocks , Performance accounts for 80% above , stay 90 In time , Huawei's salary will be a piece higher than the market ,92 Li Yinan, who just came out of school in , I joined Huawei at a high salary , And he 2001 When I left Huawei in , The deposit has already broken tens of millions . Ren Zhengfei does not deny , Like sunyafang , Li Yinan, these technical backbones , The only motivation to work for Huawei in the first place was money . So don't talk so much nonsense , Don't talk about enterprise value , Dream feelings , If you don't give money, you are playing a rogue . It is said that in Huawei , Those who have worked for more than ten years and are worth less than ten million , You have to reflect on whether you are not working hard . Lao Qi will help you to supplement one information ,2018 year , Huawei recruits college students , The starting salary is the annual salary 17 ten thousand , The highest 35 ten thousand . That is to say, the monthly salary is about the same 1.5 ten thousand -3 ten thousand . Do something 3-5 Years later, , Monthly salary 3 ten thousand , It should be proper .2016 Time is a year of salary expenditure 941 Billion , And the employees are 18 ten thousand people , The figures are really frightening , Per capita annual income 60 ten thousand . in other words , Plus stock dividends , Those whose annual income is more than one million , There must be tens of thousands of people , It is said that there are thousands of people with annual salary 500 ten thousand .

Huawei offers such a high salary , But it is impossible to retain all the talents , For example, Li Yinan , Finally left , Huawei is not worried , With an attractive compensation system , He can recruit new people in succession , As early as 1996 In the year , Huawei will give it to overseas returnees , Offered an annual salary 10 Million dollars , The exchange rate at that meeting is 1:8, amount to 80 Thousands of yuan . Need to know 1996 year , It was a time when the annual salary of Chinese people was no more than ten thousand . Continuous investment in salary and talents , So that Huawei can always attract talents smoothly , It also keeps the technology in the advanced ranks .

1998 year , ZTE also wants to go to Tsinghua to recruit people , But I didn't think , Huawei has already taken the lead , Sweep away a large number of Tsinghua elites , Even many have signed contracts with ZTE , They were all cut off by Ren Zhengfei . However, Huawei's method of robbing people is simple and crude , Just two words treatment ,2000 Nianhua is trying to rob people from Nankai University in Tianjin , It was announced that the monthly salary was no less than 4500 element . At that time, there were so many , When Lao Qi graduated, his monthly salary was only 2000 element . But Huawei , It's kind of polite , Because the salary system of Huawei this year , Basically very clear , A bachelor's degree can lead to 7100, Double bachelor to 7700, master 8000, And the doctor broke ten thousand . The most important thing is that every employee can enjoy 10 A dividend of ten thousand yuan . This salary standard , Well above the market average , Even higher standards 20%.

stay 2004 year , Huawei breaks hands with Cisco in the United States , And in the domestic , And compete with Motorola for talents , As a result, Motorola was defeated , It's easy for Huawei to poach Motorola people , Motorola can't dig Huawei at all . It can be seen that Huawei's salary was strong at that time , So high pay , Huawei's most lethal weapon in those years . Tell me the details , Generally, the probation period and internship of the company , Usually only one day's allowance , Probably 100 More dollars , It is far below the standard of ordinary employees , But it is different in Huawei , Make no exception , The probationary period and interns are paid in full , Give normal benefits . That means , Even interns are not spared . As long as I like the talent , No other enterprise can take it away .

Ren Zhengfei's principle of cultivating talents is one point , That is, we must not let Lei Feng suffer losses . In Huawei, there is only dedication , No taking is not advocated . Ren Zhengfei believes that only enterprises respect knowledge , Respect labor , Can be respected by talents , Unlike some other entrepreneurs , Every day I want to take advantage of my employees , No overtime pay , Working more without getting a raise, etc .

Huawei attaches great importance to internal fairness and external fairness , in other words , Let employees compete fairly , For example, it is also sales , There is no high commission for senior executives , But the average employee has a small commission . All these performances are transparent , Dispel employees' concerns ,2002 year , Huawei has also completed the reform of virtual restricted shares , This has completely changed everyone , The idea of muddling along and waiting for a promotion , Huawei's most famous internal equity system is its core , So that he can not be listed , Not bad money , So how did this happen ? Let's go into details tomorrow .

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