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Ren Zhengfei's biography: talent strategy, catfish effect

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , talent strategy , Catfish effect . Although Huawei has 5% Elimination at the end of , But they are willing to give to those who are not able to , But employees with good attitude have more opportunities . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue with this book , Biography of Ren Zhengfei ,

Although Huawei has 5% Elimination at the end of , But they are willing to give to those who are not able to , But employees with good attitude have more opportunities . So the so-called laid-off training , Is to give these employees a chance to turn over . Many of them are , After layoff training , Take a new job , So as to create more brilliant achievements . So don't blindly deny employees , Maybe it's just that the position doesn't match him .

Huawei attaches great importance to the catfish effect , This refers to the fishermen who used to keep sardine fresh , Ensure survival , It is necessary to add a catfish to the sardine during transportation , The catfish ran wild , Originally dead sardine , Will suddenly become active in order to save their lives , This, on the contrary, improves the survival rate . This is especially true in enterprise management , Sometimes you need catfish , Go and stir up the water . Only in this way can the whole organization maintain sustained fighting spirit and vitality , If a department is too rigid , Then you will lose motivation .

Ren Zhengfei's idea is very strange , He asked all the cadres , To the president , Down to the Department Director , Both prepare two reports , A report on work , The other is the resignation report , Then a large-scale competition was launched , The winner takes office , The loser leaves , Now the cadres of Huawei are in danger , Unexpectedly 30% Our cadres have been fired . This event shocked the whole business community at that time . Some people question Ren Zhengfei's remorse , No human feelings , But Ren Zhengfei said , Huawei's initial stage , You can rely on entrepreneurs , That is my own behavior , Drive enterprises to seize opportunities . But into the development stage , Then the enterprise wants to move forward again , I can't carry it , At this time, we have to rely on the system , By management , Rely on Talents .

Maoshengjiang, President of Huawei's marketing department, supports Ren Zhengfei's view , He also thinks , The easiest way to tell if it is a black chicken or a phoenix is to burn it , The Phoenix will not burn to death . Why do you say that , Because Mao Shengjiang is the survivor of the competition . He was originally a developer , yes C08 The creator of the switch , Later, I went to do sales and then moved to the market , Have made good achievements . Ren Zhengfei has repeatedly said in Huawei , If we worry about an employee , Scruple the feelings of a meritorious man , It will ruin the future of the company , Actually, that's right , Due to Huawei's special ownership structure , So it's doomed that he can't have too many human feelings , He has to keep running , Once he starts talking about feelings , When talking about human relations , That's when you're irresponsible to the vast majority of shareholders . It is likely to lead to disaster .

The number of employees in Huawei is growing exponentially ,87 year 6 personal ,88 year 14 people ,95 It's year 800 people ,97 Year is 5600 people ,99 year 1.6 ten thousand people ,2007 year 7 ten thousand people , Now? 2018 Year is 18 ten thousand people . Huawei has become a processing plant for talented people , It has also become the Whampoa Military Academy in the high-tech industry . As long as you have worked in Huawei , This is a signboard resume , It will add a lot of points to you .

In addition to continuously recruiting college students in major colleges and universities , And follow the example of big American companies , Dig around people , Collect elites from other enterprises and even competitors , For my use . But there are more people , There are many troubles , Many leaders want to entrust their children to Huawei , However, Ren Zhengfei often sternly refuses . He can make connections , But human resources must not be sacrificed . If someone has a relationship behind his back , Enter people through nepotism , So once you find out , Not only should the person directly responsible be punished , The human resources department will also be implicated .

In huawei , There is only one talent standard , Choose the best , No one can speak easily , Even the Shenzhen municipal government asked enterprises to give priority to local college students in Shenzhen , He also turned a deaf ear to Ren Zhengfei .

Inside Huawei , Actively implement the tutor system , After signing the work contract , An old staff union becomes a mentor for several new employees , Responsible for mentoring and performance appraisal , This is not a traditional apprenticeship , It is an extension of the graduate tutor system . This has further formed the cohesion of Huawei's human resources .

In general large enterprises , They are all against overstepping their superiors , And if cadres want to keep their jobs , Often obey the above orders , So some people who are not smart but hard-working get promoted , And when they look for subordinates, they also look for people who are more stupid than themselves , Only in this way can we secure our position . Such enterprises will become weaker and weaker . World War II German general Manstein said , The most dangerous people in the army are those who are not smart but hard-working , The more conscientious they are , The more you keep your duty , The more it will hurt the whole team .

Ren Zhengfei, who came from a military background, knows this , So he is always on guard against rank solidification , It must be given to new employees , Dare to think, dare to do , Those who dare to innovate have their way up , There are two ways to be promoted in Huawei , One is the road to the market , One is the road of technology . At the same time, encourage internal innovation , Internal recommendations , Job competition . This will keep the whole team in a state of tension . You don't work hard , Will be replaced by others . So now Huawei people , As long as you are willing to work, you will be promoted quickly , After graduating from college, go in and work hard 3-5 After years, you can earn millions a year . This is unthinkable in other enterprises .

Huawei has been emphasizing the concept of group , This is very similar to the characteristics of wolves , And it's not just a group of people , It also emphasizes the cooperation of multiple departments , such as 2002 In order to promote the integration between technology and market , Huawei has set up an engineering marketing department , Zhengbaoyong and xuwenwei were both former presidents of this department , With this platform , The two major departments of technology and market have carried out barrier free communication .2004 end of the year , The highest decision-making level of the company , It has also been restructured into an executive management team , from 7 The major departments comprise , They are market and service , Strategy and marketing , Products and solutions , Operation and delivery , Strategy and cooperation , Finance and manpower , The leaders of these departments , All report to sunyafang alone .

2004 In, Ren Zhengfei was no longer willing to serve as the director of the company CEO, So he created the rotation CEO The system , So he appointed 8 Heads of departments , Including myself 、 Sun Yafang 、 Hou Hou Hu 、 Yu Cheng Dong 、 Guo Ping 、 Xuzhijun and others took turns as the company's CEO, Half a year per person . And in the 2018 year , Huawei has started the rotating chairman system again , Sunyafang leaves office , This was once accused of being , Ren Zhengfei wants to clear the way for his children to ascend . However, this suspicion is not unreasonable , Ren Ping, Ren Zhengfei's son , At present, he is the president of Huawei , The daughter Meng Wanzhou belongs to Huawei CFO, Chief financial officer , At this point , At least not to engage in nepotism as the author said before , It doesn't match .

Before Huawei sells mobile phones , It's always been B End customer business , That is to say, he has to deal with big customers , And their consistent philosophy is to take customers as the core , Ren Zhengfei put forward , Take customer satisfaction as the standard , We should regard customer values as Huawei's product orientation . It was when other famous manufacturers competed , Ren Zhengfei explained this point in a simple sentence , The customer is bigger than ever . He said that enterprises should make profits , And the profits can only come from customers , The only one in the world who gives Huawei money , Only customers , So we don't serve our customers , For whom else ? This is the most simple need for survival .

In Huawei's marketing , There is an important criterion , That is to move customers , As the first rule , such as 1992 year , They just started their business a few years ago , At that time, I got an order , In order to enhance the trust of customers , They can become nannies for clients , To undertake the task of sending customers' children to school , Escorting the client's spouse to visit relatives in Shanghai , He even carried the gas tank to the customer . It is hard for many people to imagine now , The hardships of that time . It is this attitude , Just let Huawei develop almost under the condition of cold start .

In the early days, I competed with multinational companies , Huawei is playing the customer service card , At that time, multinational enterprises only retained in each province 3-4 Person in charge , So once you have a problem , The service couldn't keep up , Huawei sees this , A large proportion of the investment in customer service , Even in remote county towns , Huawei keeps 7-8 Personal service team . And meet the exhibition , Huawei is a sea of people , Chasing customers in front and behind . such as 1998 year GSM Switch exhibition and order meeting , Huawei sent out 500 people , Ren Zhengfei did not hesitate to spend tens of millions , Won the best booth , By putting all your eggs in one basket , Huawei has achieved great success .

Huawei's crowd tactics are quite common ,2006 Nianhuawei also made a big show at the 14th China International Radio and television information network exhibition , This kind of exhibition is a must for Ren Zhengfei , He just wants to create a visual effect that is bigger than others .

2000 New year's Day , Heilongjiang Province to China for help , The local network switch is disconnected , I don't know what went wrong , Ren Zhengfei reacted quickly , Send troops from Shenzhen , Arrive in Harbin , In just one day, the technicians were in place . And start checking and repairing immediately . Need to know , Huawei is not the one who has the problem , But the products of other manufacturers , Huawei's emergency repair is obligatory . This moved Heilongjiang . Finally, even European customers admire Huawei's customer service responsiveness , It's not surprising , On service level , Chinese enterprises are indeed far ahead of European and American enterprises . Your cell phone is broken now , You can find Huawei for warranty , But if an apple , The basic Apple store will not pay attention to you , Just let you put your cell phone there , And the cost of maintenance is extremely high . Tomorrow we are going to finish the last part of this book , Huawei's new journey , Let's see what Huawei has been doing in recent years , Lao Qi will also make some new additions . I'll see you tomorrow .

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