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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: the first half of my life was extremely miserable!

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , The first half of my life was so miserable ! We will enter this book in a minute , Let's take a look at Ren Zhengfei's birth environment , He was born in Zhenning County, Anshun, Guizhou , His ancestral home is Jinhua, Zhejiang , So you can say that he is a Zhejiang merchant . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we are going to talk about biographies , The entrepreneur is well-known , His enterprise is known as the only high-tech enterprise in China with genuine products , The annual revenue is BAT The sum of , I believe you have guessed , This enterprise is Huawei , And this great entrepreneur is Ren Zhengfei . Ren Zhengfei is low-key and mysterious , He wrote a lot of books , But true or false , It's hard to tell , We found this book written by Mr. sunlike, a financial writer , This person specializes in Huawei , It took ten years , Go deep into Huawei dozens of times , Interview many key figures of Huawei . This book is 2017 year 5 Published in , It should be written by Ren Zhengfei , A relatively new book . Although this book is called the biography of Ren Zhengfei , But most of them are about Huawei , Some content , It is also borrowed from other books written by Ren Zhengfei , So at least it is a comprehensive book .

We will enter this book in a minute , Let's take a look at Ren Zhengfei's birth environment , He was born in Zhenning County, Anshun, Guizhou , His ancestral home is Jinhua, Zhejiang , So you can say that he is a Zhejiang merchant , His grandfather was called Ren Sanhe , It is a villager of Rendian village under Jinhua, Zhejiang Province , It is called Rendian village , Most of the people here are surnamed Ren , And their family has a craft that is to make Jinhua ham . Rensanhe also made a lot of money with this , A courtyard was built . It's a local mansion . Later I got married and had children , It is named Ren Musheng , Word Morson , This son is very promising ,1931 In, he was admitted to the economics major of Beiping people's University , This year the suffering of the Chinese nation also began , The three northeast provinces fell , And Ren Musheng's suffering began , Ren Sanhe and his wife died of illness , So Ren Musheng's economic source is gone . He had no choice but to drop out of school and go home to teach , To make ends meet . Later introduced by others , To the Kuomintang in Guangzhou 412 Work in a military factory . As an accountant . Then the war of resistance broke out , The factory moved to Guangxi , yunnan , Finally settled in Guizhou , And Ren Musheng followed along .

Ren Musheng was a patriotic young man at that time , They spread propaganda against Japan everywhere , As a result, he was targeted by the spy , To avoid disaster, he returned to his hometown in Zhejiang , But later, I was afraid of adding trouble to the people in my hometown , And decided to return to Guizhou again . Here he found another job as a teacher , I met a little girl named chengyuanzhao , This is one of the few high school girls in the backward mountains . After marrying Ren Musheng , Chengyuanzhao learned by himself , Finally, I became a math teacher .1944 year 10 month 25 Japan , Their son was born , This year Ren Musheng 34 year , Chengyuanzhao only has 17 year . They named the boy Ren Zhengfei , I just hope he can distinguish right from wrong , Be a useful person to society .

Ren Zhengfei is not the only son , Their house is very lively , A total of 7 A child , The pressure of this family life can be imagined . The daily life of this family of nine , It became the top priority for his mother, chengyuanzhao . He has many characteristics of excellent Chinese women , Such as hard work , be able to stand hard work , Love does not admit defeat , These advantages also affected the young Ren Zhengfei .

Their salary is very low , It's basically hard to make ends meet , I often have to borrow money to get by , And paying school fees for the children . A serving of individual dishes is practiced in their family , So that no one in the family will starve to death , And his mother, chengyuanzhao, always gave her own rations , Give it to the children . During that time , Ren Zhengfei's greatest wish is not to read , But eat a steamed bun with white flour . Later, until before his college entrance examination , Eat a steamed bread with white flour , Is an unfulfilled wish .

Under such family conditions ,1963 year 19 Ren Zhengfei, aged, was admitted to the University . He entered Chongqing Institute of architecture and engineering with a middle and upper grade , At this time, his dream is to study hard , Later, I will enter the work unit , Earn wages to support the family . But man is not as good as heaven , Ren Zhengfei is doomed to be troubled when he was young . I just went to college 3 year , The national catastrophe began . The intellectuals were immediately put on the hat of a notorious old nine . His father Ren Musheng is in prison , And was pushed to the streets to March , And his mother was afraid of affecting Ren Zhengfei's study , Not a word about what happened at home . It is precisely because of this that Ren Zhengfei can learn at ease . until 1967 year , Renzhengfei learned about his father's experience from a fellow countryman . So he decided to go home at once , At this time, their family was no longer sustainable ,6 My younger brother and sister have to go out to work to make a living , Mother chengyuanzhao became the main force in the family . He went to dig the sand , The heavy physical labor of carrying earthwork as a male worker . Due to physical overdraft , Hearing loss , He also suffered from severe tuberculosis . At this time, Ren Zhengfei almost collapsed , But the tortured father comforted him instead , Give him courage , Ren Musheng refused Ren Zhengfei's request to go home to take care of his parents , Let him return to Chongqing , finish school . And gave him his only leather shoes . Later, Ren Zhengfei often thought of these , Feel extremely remorseful . He can't imagine , Father gave him the leather shoes , How can you do hard work in the mud .

later , Knowledge changes fate and becomes Ren Zhengfei's only belief . One of the books he read most at that time was Mao Xuan , I especially like the German militarist Clausewitz's theory of war . These military wisdom , It has been formed in his mind since childhood . At last, I survived until I graduated from college , Ren Zhengfei is one of the most outstanding young people , He has a solid foundation in science and engineering , Also master foreign languages , There would have been a chance to get a job assignment , But he resolutely joined the army . It's no surprise , At that time , Being a soldier is the best choice . At least you can eat enough , And there is a steady allowance to get , Life has no cost . So being a soldier is the first choice for many young people .

But there is another problem before Ren Zhengfei , That is the political trial , Because of his father , There is a great risk of letting him fail . But fortunately , The reviewer has no objection . This fulfilled Ren Zhengfei's military dream .

Ren Zhengfei majored in technology in University , And the army is most short of technical personnel , So he naturally , Become a capital construction engineer . In the army, it's really good to train people , Continue to hone Ren Zhengfei's will here , It also gives him a chance , Soon he took part in a program named 011 Of , Military engineering projects . We should build a modern military factory in the southwest of the motherland . And the location of the project , Anshun, Guizhou Province , This is also his hometown , Ren Zhengfei is very happy because he can often go home to visit his relatives . In the army , He has certain technical advantages , In addition, we are steadfast and willing to work , Willing to learn , Ren Zhengfei grew up very quickly , He even became the leader of a small team . And his team is often rewarded , Third class work , Second class work , The collective second-class work continues , But Ren Zhengfei never won these awards himself . Enough to see , Ren Zhengfei was a leader who was not greedy for work and knew how to share .

1976 Year is a big day for China , Our economy is back on track , Ren Zhengfei has 32 year . He also successfully joined the party this year .1978 The year of ushered in the reform and opening up , The status of intellectuals was finally brought out of chaos , Regained respect , Ren Zhengfei has the honor to represent the army , Attended the National Science Conference . This conference has a total of 6000 Human participation ,35 Young people under the age of only 150 people , Ren Zhengfei is one of them .

At this time, Ren Zhengfei also married and had children , His first wife was Meng Jun , He had two children , One is Meng Wanzhou , That is, Huawei CFO,2018 end of the year , The sudden detention in Canada has worried the people all over the country , The other boy is called Ren Ping , President of Huawei , The author didn't say much about this passage , Lao Qi will give you a supplement , Some of the statements found on the Internet are , This Meng Jun is the daughter of mengdongbo, vice governor of Sichuan Province , So he is the son of a senior cadre , But when they got married , Mengdongbo is also in trouble ,76 It was reopened after years . So Ren Zhengfei has copied to the bottom , Ren Zhengfei became the door-to-door son-in-law of the Meng family , So now you should know , Why is Meng Wanzhou surnamed Meng , But not Ren .

When Meng Wanzhou was in junior high school , Poor schoolwork , It's hard to study . Ren Ping is also a late bloomer , Learning is not optimistic , Even worse . Ren Zhengfei considered the future of his children , So it's tangled . We will continue to stay in the army and engage in scientific research , Then you will not be responsible for your children . The author says 40 Ren Zhengfei, aged, took the initiative to change his career , The information that Lao Qi found was , Ren Zhengfei later said himself , He was just in time for the great disarmament , Was forced to choose a career change , In short, it doesn't matter whether you are active or passive , He left the army anyway ,1983 year , He went to Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up , Entered Nanhai Petroleum Group . The reason why I came here to work , The author did not talk about , Explain this book , Deliberately hiding something disgraceful . The information Lao Qi got was , At that time, Ren Zhengfei's wife Meng Jun , Just by virtue of my father , As a senior manager of Nanhai Petroleum Group . It can be seen that this period of history is not glorious , But it's very real , That fight Dad , Do not spell ability , Nor is it the era of market economy , This is the only way to find a job . Ren Zhengfei ascended by virtue of his wife , It is also a helpless move .

At that time, Ren Zhengfei worked in an electronics company affiliated to Nanhai petroleum , Took the position of manager , One mind proves itself , With the bedding on it , This makes sense , Any self respecting man , Will do this . At that time, although he knew Technology , But I know nothing about finance and commerce , Liars are taking advantage of Ren Zhengfei's weakness .1987 year , An unexpected trade transaction , Ren Zhengfei put value 200 The goods worth ten thousand yuan will be sent to the other party , But the other party disappeared after receiving the goods , In this way, Ren Zhengfei was cheated by a liar ,200 Ten thousand yuan of payment can not be collected . Even now ,200 Ten thousand is a big number , What's more 80 years , It is an astronomical number . So after such a huge blow , What happened to Ren Zhengfei ? Let's continue tomorrow .

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