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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: external defense against strong enemies! Civil war wolves

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , To defend against a strong enemy ! Civil war wolves . Huawei's tactics of Encircling Cities with rural areas , Beat Shanghai Bell , Gradually eroded his market share , Almost at the same time , Ren Zhengfei also attacked everywhere , Multi line operations , Challenge the great powers . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue with this book , Biography of Ren Zhengfei , I said it yesterday , Huawei's tactics of Encircling Cities with rural areas , Beat Shanghai Bell , Gradually eroded his market share , Almost at the same time , Ren Zhengfei also attacked everywhere , Multi line operations , Challenge the great powers , For example, Nortel network in Canada , This is a world famous telecommunication supplier , Optical fiber technology , The exclusive advantages of wireless technology and voice technology , They also attach great importance to the development of rural markets , So that means , There must be a big war with Huawei .

At this time, Ren Zhengfei observed , Nortel network is powerful in appearance , But I made a mistake , That is, the front is too long , Once the equipment qualification rate is low and fails to meet the standard , It must be rescued by technical experts , And these technologists , Have to come across the sea , Therefore, it is usually far from hydrolyzing to thirst , I have found out each other's weakness , Huawei is ready to attack this weakness , You can't provide timely service ? Then I'll kill myself on the service . Ren Zhengfei immediately set about establishing a customer response mechanism , Once the customer has a demand , Huawei Technology is on call . It is different from the protracted war against Shanghai Bell , Against Nortel network , Ren Zhengfei launched the Blitzkrieg , This service advantage , Let him snatch back a lot of markets in an instant .

Of course, Nortel network does not easily admit defeat , For their own weaknesses ,2006 They were in Beijing in , Guangzhou , Shanghai has successively set up R & D centers , Try to be localized , But at this time, it seems that the tide is over , Despite the remedy , But two years later , Nortel network is still dormant , Started bankruptcy protection proceedings .2009 In, Nortel's business was sold to nosi . This also means that the entire Nortel network has collapsed .

Nortel was defeated , It doesn't mean that the Jianghu is unified , There is a more powerful lucent technology behind it , His predecessor was the famous American telephone and Telegraph Company , Everyone knows his initials , That's it AT&T, When we talk about the top of the tide , He was the first company mentioned , At that time, he was sitting in the greatest Bell Laboratories in the world , Strength is incomparable , The Nobel Prize came out of this , There is 11 position , The strength of science and technology has even surpassed that of most countries . If it hadn't been split up by antitrust later , Probably still invincible .

Huawei follows AT&T against , Still adopted the strategy against Nortel , That is to attack his weakness , and AT&T His weakness is that he is too big , The system is not so flexible , Often one thing is constrained within them . in addition , Thanks to the help of the US Department of justice , At the height of the battle ,1995 year ,AT&T Be disintegrated again , For Huawei , Picked up a big bargain .

however , Huawei may be happy too early ,AT&T It was taken apart , But he is a hundred footed insects die but not stiff , Then he was reincarnated into lucent technology , It has become a new competitor of Huawei . Lucent has obvious technical advantages , He can make waves in America , And after arriving in China , He is focusing more and more on various networks , To lead the fashion of communication technology , Such as wireless network , Optical network and data network . He also became mobile , telecom , Unicom , Netcom's main partners , Lucent China was established in China , Expand aggressively in the domestic market . The author says , Lucent technology is quite powerful , It's not just attacking cities and land , Also pay attention to corporate image , Even the hope project , Supporting poor college students , Are exposed frequently . Lucent's strength , Huawei was once in trouble . Finally, Ren Zhengfei thinks , The only way is to follow the customer route , The only way to win . All regions began to carry out public relations activities , In order to win over customers , resort to every conceivable means . Even with some disgraceful means with Chinese characteristics . But none of these authors mentioned . Or to maintain Ren Zhengfei's glorious, great and correct image .

Under these means , Lucent has gradually gained its advantages . In the face of Chinese style relations , Lucent still can't find a way , Later lucent had a fire in the backyard , All assets are owned by cartel 111 Billion euros of high price acquisition , This also interrupted his struggle in China .

The next opponent , ZTE, which is also in Shenzhen , The so-called "one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers" , Don't look at resisting international giants , Cooperation between the two sides , But once the overall situation of the domestic market has been decided , Then there must be a war between the two sides , What's more, both sides are crowded in Shenzhen . So it must be hard to look at each other .1995 Years ago , ZTE is actually better than Huawei , Later, after Ren Zhengfei reformed the management and product process , Huawei has gradually come from behind .1998 In, the two sides were almost equal , But then Huawei began to advance by leaps and bounds , Leave ZTE far behind .1999 In the first half of , Huawei's flagship products have been sold 2.2 Billion sales , And ZTE's most powerful products are 1.2 Billion .

ZTE also launched a positive counterattack against Huawei's attack , They made a product comparison book , A lot of forwarding to customers , The purpose is to show that ZTE's products are far better than Huawei's , And Huawei is not polite , Take him directly to court , Accuse him of malicious competition , They say their comparison book is completely objective , Malicious damage to Huawei . ZTE is not willing to be outdone , Start counterclaims against Huawei , They said that when they were robbing business in Changsha and Zhengzhou , The use of vicious means of competition , The two companies are fighting a lawsuit , Have spent tens of millions of dollars . Both sides know , Verdict , Maybe it concerns the fate of the two companies . In the end, our law won , Whether it is Henan high court or Changsha intermediate people's court , In the end, they all work in a spirit of peace , Adjudicate against the plaintiff , The prosecution is not established . That is to say, whether Huawei sues ZTE , ZTE sued Huawei , None of them won , The two sides are still tied . At that time, the media gave such a title , To analyze the Chinese war , Houweigui is the founder of ZTE , So houweigui values harmony , Ren Zhengfei does not distinguish right from wrong . It can be seen that there was no winner at that time .

2000 In the year , Huawei has already won half of its position , The sales volume has exceeded that of ZTE 1 times , But ZTE also began to make efforts at this time , Soon the gap narrowed again . Continue to be equal . Then in many tenders , The two companies are trying to undermine each other , Vicious competition , Basically, they all use the routine of hurting the enemy by 1000 and losing 800 by themselves , Many projects are totally losing money , Just to disgust your opponent . But there is also a benefit , That is to accelerate the overseas expansion of China's telecommunications industry , Such as marching into India , ZTE and Huawei are actively competing for this market , result 2008 year , The two companies accounted for a third of the Indian market . This makes India very nervous . Then they began to set up barriers , Set up obstacles for China's communications to occupy cities and territories . But India is also very interesting , He didn't have a bowl of the water , For example, when setting anti-dumping duties , HUAWEI is 50%, But ZTE is as high as 236%, Although everyone lost , But Huawei is obviously happy . So Ren Zhengfei's idea came , He wants to keep the enemy out of the country . Not only in India , In the U.S. , Japan , The European Union , Brazil and Russia , We can see the vicious competition between the two companies . This has also become a chip that foreign operators can use , Foreigners who want to keep prices down , They will find Huawei and ZTE at the same time , And say nothing , Quietly watching them tear . Finally, they often get a super low price . Until today, , The two companies are still competing . The author says , In fact, Hou Weigui is quite peaceful , He has always wanted to retire , Also pursue the golden mean . Ren Zhengfei is not , Always take the initiative to start a war . More aggressive , It is precisely because of this characteristic , In the long run , The two companies have gradually widened the gap . At present, Huawei's volume is only less than that of ZTE 15 times . ZTE only has certain technologies , Still remain competitive , In most markets , It has been completely defeated .

When we talked about the big loss , I mentioned sunhongbin and liuchuanzhi , At first, sunhongbin was in Lenovo , I want to stand on my own mountain , As a result, Liu Chuanzhi was sent to prison . There is also such an ambitious person inside Huawei , This is Li Yinan , He 25 He became the vice president of Huawei at the age of , Later, the power became greater and greater , And the contradiction with Ren Zhengfei is getting bigger and bigger . Li Yinan is the head of technology research and development , His senior general Liu Ping , Yu Houlin is also a technical backbone , But Ren Zhengfei suddenly asked him to transfer to the marketing department , Engaged in product promotion . It's hard to say what Ren Zhengfei really thought about this move , Are you deliberately cutting his power , Or out of kindness , Let him go through several more departments , Use him as a successor to train . In short, this is a bad thing , Li Yinan felt the setback , So I decided to run away .2000 year 12 month , Ren Zhengfei approved Li Yinan's departure , It is a good combination and a good dispersion , Before leaving, Li Yinan received a dividend of tens of millions .

Later, Li Yinan soon arrived in Beijing and set up another mountain , Set up harbour company , Ren Zhengfei did not particularly block this , He said that as long as Huawei was not hurt , I am all supportive . Due to its strong technical strength , Just one year later, the sales volume of the harbor company reached 1.47 Billion , One more year 4 Billion ,2003 The year of 10 Billion , Gangwan already has the title of a small Huawei . At this time, Li Yinan's ambition came out again , He is not willing to be a small Huawei , At this time, he decided to attract foreign investment , And then quickly expand , Compete with Huawei as soon as possible , This is equivalent to Huawei's painstaking defeat of the Eight Power Allied forces , It is likely that Li Yinan will invite him back . This annoys Ren Zhengfei . But this time , Huawei is not in good shape , stay 3G Get bogged down in the project , No result , Wasted capital , And in the CDMA The tender failed , Have to be deeply entangled with ZTE . So at this time, how should Ren Zhengfei fight back against this once loved general ? Let's continue tomorrow .

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