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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: it's a blessing, not a disaster. It can't be avoided

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , It's a blessing, not a curse , It's a disaster that can't be avoided . Competition between Huawei and Cisco , At first, it was free competition , But later, as Huawei gained more and more business in the US market , The Huawei threat theory came out , This has aroused widespread concern in the western media Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue to talk about Ren Zhengfei , In fact, this book should be called Huawei biography , They are basically written from Huawei's first perspective . Yesterday we talked about , Competition between Huawei and Cisco , At first, it was free competition , But later, as Huawei gained more and more business in the US market , The Huawei threat theory came out , This has aroused widespread concern in the western media , Cisco has also begun to block Huawei , A group against Huawei has also been set up , They will be in public , Condemn Huawei's technical background for not living up to its name , It is even said that Huawei's technology is copied from Cisco , Then Cisco used legal weapons , Xiang Hua is in trouble , Accuse Huawei of causing great infringement on Cisco's intellectual property rights .

At this time, Huawei has been soft , Also began to calm down , Promise Cisco not to sell those products with specified models overseas , But never admit infringement , It's actually half lost , It makes people have a lot of bad associations , It also makes Cisco more confident . Then there is the pressing step by step . Mocking Huawei is a guilty conscience . Fei min, vice president of research and development of Huawei, said , This is just to show that we have the sincerity to solve the problem .

Huawei then launched an internal self inspection , Then feed back the results to Cisco , Said that although we are similar to Cisco in design and performance , But the idea of plagiarism is completely false , Of course Cisco doesn't believe , On the contrary, they are even more tense . At this time, Huawei withdrew more than a dozen routers from the U.S. market , But the Wall Street Journal caught it , It is a hard evidence that Huawei is guilty of being a thief . Even Cisco's global vice president called Shenzhen , The idea of suing Huawei , Hope to get the support of Shenzhen government . Now , Huawei has been unable to argue .

China has a saying , It's called a blessing, not a curse , It's a disaster that can't be avoided , Cisco frequently exerts pressure on Huawei under the pretext of infringement ,2003 Cisco sued Huawei in the federal court for the Eastern District of Texas . Cisco's lawyers are well prepared 77 Page file , Even longer than our book . Listed Huawei's crimes as many as 21 term , At this time, Huawei is already quite dangerous , If Huawei fails this time , That means that the infringement of Chinese products will be taken seriously , In the future, it will be difficult for other Chinese companies to gain a foothold in the United States .

At this point it is suggested that , Huawei should disclose the source code , But Ren Zhengfei didn't agree , He felt that Cisco was obviously not just going to file an infringement lawsuit , His aim is to curb Huawei's expansion in the United States , If Huawei discloses the source code , Then it is equivalent to breaking an arm , in a cocoon around oneself , Cisco has achieved its goal . At this time, Ren Zhengfei was also anxious , He gave the highest instructions , Dare to fight , A small loss is a win . This is a strategy of choosing the lesser of the two evils .

Ren Zhengfei gave 2 Point policy , First , Use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests , Take measures to fight poison with poison , secondly , Abandon the previous yielding style , Take offense as defense , Fight to survive , Ren Zhengfei knows , This lawsuit is fought in China , It doesn't make any sense , The ultimate battleground is the United States , So he deployed his troops , Deligan will be sent to the United States in batches . Even Li Jie, who occupied cities and territories in Russia , Have been transferred . Then Huawei also began to actively solicit the media in the United States , Start a war of words with Cisco , To pursue the counterattack of public opinion . Put pressure on the judiciary .2003 year 3 month , Both sides confronted each other in court , Cisco's CEO Chambers challenged him in court , Think Huawei should make huge compensation for infringement . Ren Zhengfei only then knew , He still underestimated the opponent's ability .

In fact, Cisco's public relations ability is second to none in the United States , He spent money before the trial 1.5 Billion dollars , Made HTC's advertising plan , Propaganda in China and the United States , Even some Chinese media have begun to guide Cisco . So at this time, Huawei is in decline in the overseas battlefield , And there is no support in the Chinese battlefield , Fell into great passivity .

Cisco began to attack the weakness of Chinese enterprises , They hyped it up , Chinese enterprises have weaknesses in core technologies , Even if we develop high-tech products , It must be realized through infringement . This has convinced many people . In fact, Cisco is not to blame , It is true that Chinese enterprises have been , That's how it came about , The protection of intellectual property is a huge trouble until today . Shenzhen is in the eyes of Americans , It is also a city of counterfeit electronic products .

After this publicity , Huawei's customers in Europe and Latin America , Are beginning to stop . The final outcome of the proceedings , Or did Huawei fail , And the defeat was a little painful , Not only Americans think Huawei is wrong , Even many Chinese people think Huawei is wrong . Huawei suffered a disaster in the United States , There is no assistance at home , Caught in a dilemma of internal and external failure .

Ren Zhengfei thinks , This is a painful education , Remind him to recognize , A large enterprise is omni-directional , Not only in the market and product power , Even media, public relations and legal affairs should form a broad alliance .

Cisco has won , But it was only a temporary victory , They forgot that the name of the boss of Huawei was Ren , So it has indomitable tenacity , Huawei then began the strategy of pushing its products into the spotlight of global media , Just one year later , We suddenly found that Huawei has made a lot of high profile . Ren Zhengfei has formulated the idea of United Front for Huawei , They changed their PR company , Also began to find the world's top barristers and legal advisers . Especially in America , Huawei does not hesitate to hire a barrister at a high salary , This is not easy , Because these lawyers are usually on Cisco's side , They refuse to serve Huawei . And Guoping, vice president of Huawei , Then I never tire of communicating with them , Tell them everything about Huawei , Let them know the real Huawei , So as to eliminate prejudice . Eventually some famous lawyers changed their minds , Think Huawei has no infringement , And their strategy is to strike East and West , Relieve the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei , Now the pressure of public opinion is one-sided , You refute Cisco , Say you have no infringement , No one will believe , They suggested that Huawei stick to the words of the private agreement , The reason to fight back against Cisco is , Say Cisco uses private agreements , Monopolize the market . At first, Huawei people didn't know what the private agreement meant , Later, I learned from the legal dictionary , So called private agreements , Before international organizations set standards , A company took the lead in forming standards when its products entered the market .

At this time, Guoping suddenly realized , The so-called private agreement , In essence, it is an atypical monopoly strategy , Cisco is using this hidden monopoly strategy , Attacking Huawei , Maintain market share , Lao Qi will translate it for you , Cisco invented the router industry , He has also become synonymous with the industry , So others enter this industry , It is bound to collide with his products , And he regarded it as plagiarism , But it can also be said to be a monopoly . here , In the market, , In fact, the US government has been actively promoting antitrust , So Huawei seized this opportunity , With the handle of private agreement , Appeal to the US government , The US government began to question Cisco's previous behavior .

Then comes the third step , Woo civil society , In China, we can go with the wind and the water , Huawei basically cultivates relationships , In the United States, Huawei thought of this move again , He took a fancy to a group , The legal representatives and shareholders of this group are some retired senior officials in the United States , Maintain close relations with the US government . Americans don't like Huawei , Mainly because Ren Zhengfei was a soldier before , They always think this is an enterprise with military background . Huawei is actively courting this group , Is to eliminate this misunderstanding . At least in the US government , We can also find someone to speak for Huawei . Then , Huawei has gone to the Wall Street Journal and fortune magazine . Take the initiative to clarify , Huawei does not infringe , With more and more allies , The united front of Huawei is also becoming larger and larger , Many Americans gradually have a new understanding of Huawei . At this time, Cisco's attitude is somewhat arrogant ,2003 year 1 month , A British agent decided to cooperate with Huawei , But I soon received the legal documents from Cisco , Where there is Cisco, there can be no Huawei . The agent was also very rude in the end , Complain directly to the UK and EU about Cisco's threat .

thereafter , An authoritative data expert from Stanford University sent out a report , Say Huawei has no infringement , Moreover, the product performance coincidence degree of the two companies is less than 2%, In this way, Huawei has the confidence , So Ren Zhengfei began to think about counter attacking the United States .

2003 year 3 month , Huawei returns to court , Accuse Cisco of monopoly with private agreements , Say Cisco is afraid to compete with Huawei , And spreading false information , In essence, he wants to monopolize the market . Huawei is clinging to it , Cisco is curbing competition and monopolizing , For Cisco , But a fatal pain point . So the balance of power reversed , The arrogant Cisco began to be in a passive defense .

This lawsuit is called the lawsuit of the century , to hold court 3 Days later , A dramatic scene appeared ,3com The company established a new joint venture with Huawei , Established an alliance , This can make Cisco executives completely depressed .

all the time 3com Companies are Cisco's main competitors in the United States , Cisco CEO Chambers is very afraid of this company , later 3COM Go astray in business , Just opened the gap between the two companies , But I didn't expect the enemy of the enemy , But became a friend , Cisco is at war with Huawei , To the 3com To the Huawei camp . The fourth day of the trial ,3com The company's CEO Actually appeared in court , Support Huawei . And guarantee Huawei's technical credibility with its own reputation . So there is 3COM To help , Will Huawei win ? What other grudges does he have with Cisco , Let's continue tomorrow .

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