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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: fight hard in Yiwu! Moving with emotion

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , Fight hard in Yiwu ! Moving with affection . Within Huawei, it is called the beginning of Yiwu war , At first they underestimated the difficulty , I didn't expect him to become a protracted war , A few years later , Huawei's team has just evacuated from such a difficult environment as Yiwu . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue to talk about this book , Biography of Ren Zhengfei , I said it yesterday , When Huawei developed the digital switch , Serious difficulties have occurred in the enterprise , Many people have wavered , Want to go back and sell their products , Stop doing research and development , But Ren Zhengfei refused , He felt that if he did not pursue world-class technology , Only meet the production of ordinary products , Huawei will always be led by others . So no matter how fierce the opponents are , Ren Zhengfei made up his mind , He will put all his eggs in one basket . Therefore , Many of Huawei's internal elites have left him . Only zhengbaoyong and maojiangsheng did not leave , Always stick to him .

It is in this situation of internal and external difficulties ,C08 The research on digital switch has been successful , And produced 2000 platform , Ren Zhengfei's persistence finally paid off . The next step is how to sell it .

But this product has some technical details , delayed , Ren Zhengfei did not lose his temper with the technology department . Finally, the finished product came out , But at the order meeting in Yiwu, Zhejiang , But others complained about their poor performance , Large call loss , crash , Broken wire , Poor signal quality , Huawei accounts for almost all the faults . So Ren Zhengfei led the technical team , Hurried to the compulsory Telecommunications Bureau to explain the situation . Here they started the development again , Help customers solve problems in use . It is said that the conditions here are very difficult , Often the R & D team has to work in cotton padded clothes , I can't even drink boiled water . This is called the opening battle of Yiwu within Huawei , At first they underestimated the difficulty , I didn't expect him to become a protracted war , A few years later , Huawei's team has just evacuated from such a difficult environment as Yiwu .

It is precisely because of Huawei's service attitude , Infected Yiwu Telecom Bureau , Mainly conquered the local leaders , A leader named dingjianfeng , The evaluation of Huawei's products is still very high . This is what keeps the customer , Although there were twists and turns in this opening battle , But it was a big win .

Ren Zhengfei has a base in Yiwu , With him, Huawei adopted the strategy of encircling the city from the countryside , Gradually expand the rural market , That's what he thinks , Foreign advanced equipment , It may not be suitable for rural landform , They don't know the countryside , This is Huawei's opportunity , So they deliberately differentiated their research and development , Close to the actual situation in rural areas . And in Shenzhen base camp , They also continue to optimize C08 Switch , This work lasted until 8 Years later, it will be officially completed .

although C08 The switch has achieved sales success , But Ren Zhengfei, who is never satisfied , And set his eyes on a higher goal , Research and development of ten thousand door machine , Continue to let Zheng Bao take command , Zhengbaoyong's position in Huawei at that time , It has become unattainable , He encouraged the R & D team , If wanmen machine is developed , I promise to help you sell 10 platform , This was already encouraging at that time , But then the reality is , The number of ten thousand gantry crane accessories sold has reached hundreds of thousands .

Then another important employee appeared , He is Li Yinan , This man graduated from Huazhong University of technology , Junior class background ,1993 When I entered Huawei in , Li Yinan is talented 22 year . But he is gifted , Highly innovative , It is highly valued by Zhengbao . In the R & D of wanmen machine , The overall idea was put forward by Li Yinan , That is Chinese style and Western style , They transplanted Intel's bus technology to Huawei , But this idea didn't go well at first , Wasted... In vain 20 Million dollar equipment .

But Ren Zhengfei and Zheng Baoyong are very tolerant , Ren Zhengfei said , Don't judge a hero by his temporary success or failure , Huawei's corporate culture does not seek to win every battle , It is to cultivate the ability to resist risks under unfavorable conditions . Later, they actively summarized , Another thought came to mind , That is the way to connect modules with optical fibers , Replace bus technology . But here comes the question , That is, even in a big technological country like the United States , At that time, the optical fiber technology was not mature , So Li Yinan adopted another optical fiber transmission technology , accurate SDH technology , He probably didn't even think of it at that time , This thing turned out to be the most advanced optical transmission technology in the world .

Despite one failure , But Ren Zhengfei still has no doubt about his employment , At this time, Li Yinan is the general manager of the R & D team of wanmen machine , Some of the old employees gave him another hand . It was in time 94 FIFA World Cup , Many Huawei employees are fans , So Ren Zhengfei was flexible , Working hours have been modified , Let them work until the wee hours 3 spot , Then we get together to watch the ball , Go to bed the next morning , The construction will start in the afternoon , So that everyone can be down to earth , Full of energy invested in research and development .

Research and development are carried out at the same time , The other side began to expand the market , Ren Zhengfei chose to set the promotion site of wanmen machine in the second tier cities of Jiangsu , Pizhou , This time Huawei will no longer move to the countryside , But choose to attack the city . Huawei configured the first door with 10000 doors C08 Switch , Installed in the county-level Telecom room , Telecommunications personnel in various places , In fact, I had concerns at that time , Because they have failed , Before, they used the products of Shanghai Bell , But it failed in the end , There is too much local demand , It caused the embarrassment that the supply exceeds the demand . Bell tried to solve this problem , Capacity expansion is adopted , But it was delayed for a year , That's why Pizhou Telecom decided to try Huawei's wanmen machine . So this time Huawei's products , Equivalent to Bell's product , Compete on the spot .

And the result , It's pretty bad , Huawei looks like a ground beetle in appearance , Then the function and circuit are unstable , At this time, Li Yinan looks like a leaky ball , He said to his colleagues , I may not be able to go on , You can continue to work in the future . But another employee , His name is yuhoulin. He has a strong wiring ability , He doesn't think his product should be so bad , So I went to check , There was a problem with the wiring , After his adjustment , Huawei has finally solved the urgent problem . But debugging is still essential , For more than two months , During this time , Ren Zhengfei has been doing it himself , Personally go to the front to command the battle . Solve all kinds of unexpected problems , But the end result is good , Huawei replaces bell , Took the customer of Pizhou Telecom Bureau .

Now Huawei's back is hard , Ren Zhengfei may have made heroic remarks ,10 Years from now, I will follow AT&T And Alcatel three times . As a matter of fact , Three thirds of the world did appear , however AT&T And Alcatel have changed .

China's communications industry , It started late but developed rapidly , We are destined to use 10 Years of time , It has been decades in the United States ,90 years , It is such a high-speed growth stage , Move , Unicom , telecom , The four major operators of Netcom are developing at a high speed , They are also doing scientific research , sales , A lot has been invested in management , This has also objectively led to the rise of a large number of enterprises , For example, Lao Qi told us about Tencent , Tencent started as an enterprise feeding on mobile . And in the 20 At the end of the century , The four generals of ZTE have appeared in the communications industry , It is also called Great China , Dragon , Datang Telecom , zte , And Ren Zhengfei's Huawei , Dragon , Datang is in Beijing , ZTE and Huawei are in Shenzhen , I wonder if Beijing's geomantic omen is bad , The two families in Beijing come late and go fast , When Ren Zhengfei launched the digital switch , The two have not yet appeared in Beijing , But in the 2006 The dragon was already sold at a low price , The price is amazing 4500 element , Of course, the additional condition is to pay the employee's salary . Datang Telecom has long been st 了 ,2018 The annual market value is only 40 Billion , The two in Shenzhen , The market value of ZTE has reached 600 Billion , What a big business , Huawei has never been listed , If it goes on the market ,2018 end of the year , With his revenue 6000 Billion capacity , Conservative estimates also have a market value of trillions .

Of course , That year , Our competitors are mainly foreign brands , For example, Shanghai Bell , It is a joint venture between Belgium and the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications , Have the advantages of equipment, funds and even policies , Crazy Fishing for gold . At this time, Ren Zhengfei , The United Nations has launched a war of resistance against domestic enterprises , And the killer mace against international brands is the price war ,1991 The price of domestic SPC exchange in 400 dollar , And by the 1994 year , It has dropped to 50 dollar . But the sales volume of domestic enterprises has steadily increased ,1998 year , Dragon Sales 30 Billion , Just born 1 Datang Telecom also has 10 Billion , And ZTE has arrived 40 Billion , Huawei now has 89 Billion , Has begun to lead . But it is a pity that , Dragon and Datang people are too short-sighted , Just sell their 04 Switch , And don't know to continue research and development , So slowly fall behind . The Tang Dynasty is even more regrettable , At that time he was regarded as the most promising family , Because he has mastered CDMA Intellectual property rights , It's called 3G The greatest beneficiary of the times . Datang Telecom has just been listed , Is the peak ,2000 The annual share price is now 4 times , Only 07 New year's bull market ,11 Year rebound , and 15 The bull market in has returned to that position .

Huawei of Ren Zhengfei , We have fully absorbed the experience of these two allies and opponents , And at the most critical moment , Took over their market , Around the Millennium , Dragon's shareholders began internal friction , Huawei is attacking in all directions , The dragon's base area is simply vulnerable , Most markets are beginning to use C08 SPC exchange , Only the trash can be found 04 The wreckage of the plane . Ren Zhengfei's Blitzkrieg , Let the dragon be defeated . meanwhile , Huawei has also launched a disruption strategy for Datang , Just now, I said that Tang won CDMA standard , At this point they are complacent , While ignoring the other two criteria , While Huawei and ZTE began to lay out access equipment , Increase investment in scientific research . So as to wait for the opportunity , Far beyond the Tang Dynasty , It also carved up the market of Datang . Although in the domestic market, the wind and the clouds , But Huawei's mind is not here , So what is Ren Zhengfei thinking about at this time ? Let's continue tomorrow .

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