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Biography of Ren Zhengfei: counter attack Europe! Counterattack against the United States

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Biography of Ren Zhengfei , The southern expedition to Hong Kong ! North into Russia . Next , Huawei is going to be a little more difficult , He must prepare for a strategic counter offensive , To the birthplace of the communications industry , That's Europe . Ren Zhengfei's post reading experience and Ren Zhengfei's reading notes Summarized below .

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 Biography of Ren Zhengfei

Today we continue to talk about Ren Zhengfei , Yesterday, it was said that Huawei has developed the Middle East market , Achieved good performance , Then they continue to turn to South Asia and ASEAN , For example, India. , Bangladesh , Thailand and other places , Indonesia is the most successful , Nowadays, traveling abroad , Especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America , Huawei's flag can be seen almost everywhere .

Next , Huawei is going to be a little more difficult , He must prepare for a strategic counter offensive , To the birthplace of the communications industry , That's Europe , Ericsson is entrenched here , Lucent , Siemens , Alcatel and other industry giants , In those days, these big men fought hand to hand with Huawei in China , Lost one after another , I didn't expect that in a few years , Huawei has reached its doorstep . There is a great momentum of extermination .

There was a time background , That is, the United States enacted the telecommunications reform act , Let the telecom operation market be globalized and opened , At this time, the United States has an absolute leading edge , So he dares to do this , And if Europe doesn't want to be dragged further away , Then you can only follow , But in terms of innovation , Europe is obviously inadequate , So doing so actually increases the burden on established operators . The European market has also fallen into the era of scuffle , Ren Zhengfei just saw the right time , He regarded France as a breakthrough . Cooperate with local system integrator Alstom , Expand the French market . Later, Alstom was the bridge , Let Huawei get to know NEUF company , At this time, the company is going to do a big project , It is the backbone optical network transmission system . Huawei seizes the opportunity , The customer was conquered in the shortest time , stay 3 Within the test period of months , A network of two cities has been built . Subsequently, Huawei continued to place orders in France , Even suppressed Cisco and Alcatel .

France soon became Huawei's base in Europe ,2007 year , Huawei is here in selge , Established R & D Center , Then two more were built in succession , Responsible for wireless technology , Fixed broadband technology , And the innovation of mobile broadband performance . Later, Huawei concluded that , He said that he wanted to gain a foothold in Europe where there are many strong players , Huawei must learn to use its strength . The French are European Chinese , They also like delicious food , Pay attention to friends , This makes Huawei culture easy to be grounded .

After taking France , Huawei has moved to Britain again , But the British are obviously xenophobic , Huawei is also shut out by them , Ren Zhengfei knows , Stop in England , You have to catch the thief and the king first , He targeted the most powerful and R & D enterprise in the British Telecom Market , Get his approval first , Later things may be easier to do . In the UK market , BT group is undoubtedly the strongest , Ranked ninth in the world , He exists like a God in the British market , All bidding opportunities must be approved by him .

At this time, Ren Zhengfei sent a senior general to solve this problem , He is sunyafang, chairman of Huawei , This woman is a technician from a state-run radio power plant ,92 He joined Huawei in 2005 ,99 In, he became the chairman of the board , Its position in Huawei is second only to Ren Zhengfei . this , Sunyafang flew to England in person , Take full command of the work of Britain .2003 end of the year , Through unremitting efforts , Huawei has finally crossed the first threshold , Join BT's bidding list . In fact, Huawei's technology was really not outstanding at that time , Especially compared with developed countries , What attracted British people at that time was Huawei's management system , Quality control capability, etc , In the strict assessment process , Although Huawei is quite cautious , But there are still many businesses that are not qualified , At last, the Englishman made a humorous remark , I hope Huawei can become the fastest growing company . This is equivalent to rejecting them , This makes Ren Zhengfei feel ashamed , I really feel , There is still a big gap with European powers in terms of product power .

But Huawei is not discouraged , But keep trying ,2004 year , BT has once again reduced the number of tenders , It means that this competition is more difficult , Only 8 Enterprises participated in the bidding . This time, Ren Zhengfei let cuijunhai take command , This is the project director of European bidding department , He is more familiar with the situation in Europe , After many confrontations , Huawei is finally 2005 year 4 month , Become the preferred supplier of BT , This bid victory is not just about winning a big business , It's a sign of , Huawei is really close to the level of a world-class telecom equipment supplier . BT is like a gold signboard to endorse Huawei , Later, other companies extended olive branches to Huawei , I hope to carry out in-depth cooperation . Huawei does not refuse anyone ,2005 end of the year , It has reached a cooperation with Vodafone, the boss of the UK fixed network ,2006 Nian Huawei even opened his branch office in a small town next to London, England .

With the experience of France and Britain , Huawei's next step into the Netherlands , Here he defeated Ericsson , Won the Dutch 3G project , Then he cooperated with Royal Dutch Telecom Group , It has become the main supplier of core network equipment , The employees of Huawei's Dutch branch have always said , They defeated Ericsson, the mobile boss , And Alcatel, the boss of the fixed network .

Huawei has gained a reputation in Europe , But to completely conquer the European market , We have to pass the German pass , This is the most powerful country in Europe , Germany is far more powerful in telecommunications than Britain , What's more, the Germans are always strict , If Huawei fails to pass the assessment , I'm afraid it will be very difficult to have another chance . The German ace telecom operator is called QSC company , Huawei should base itself on Germany , You have to get his nod . The company is located in Cologne ,2004 end of the year ,QSC Announce the start of a major project , That is to say NGN The Internet , That is, the next generation network will cover the whole country , They started looking for partners for this project . Among all the potential partners , Ren Zhengfei's Huawei is the most active . Against Huawei , It is another transnational international giant , Lao Qi also wondered , Why didn't the author mention it directly ?

The Germans are still very fair , After the evaluation , It means Huawei is better , They even said that Huawei is an ideal partner . After going deep into Germany , Huawei has also relocated its European headquarters , After all, this is the heart of Europe , It is the first powerful country in Europe , It also has higher R & D and technological advantages than the UK , So far, Huawei has swept Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe , In his eyes , Now there is only one opponent left , That is the absolute overlord , The United States is not arrogant .

At first, the American market was a free market , There are no prohibitions against , Foreign enterprises are welcome to invest and bid , But Asian companies , They all returned in despair , To put it bluntly, the technical strength is still not up to . So openness must come from self-confidence , Only those who are more confident , Will be more open , And the more open he is, the more confident he is . A simple example , Look at the American NBA Restrict foreign aid , Three of the Chinese companies are targeting the US market , The first is Haier , The second is Lenovo , The third is CNOOC .

Haier and Huawei follow exactly the opposite path , Ren Zhengfei is easy before difficult , I went to Asia, Africa and Latin America first , Haier is going straight to the United States , Come up and fight boss, Zhang Ruimin wants to enter the American market first , Other places are easy to handle . But Haier is not going well , In the United States, Haier felt , What is called "Heaven beyond the sky" . Only a small refrigerator sells well . And Lenovo gambled , hold IBM Of PC The business is closed , This move has achieved great success in China , But in the United States, it is still restricted by local rivals such as Dell and HP .2008 Years later, Lenovo lost its edge in the United States , As for CNOOC , He wants to buy Unocal oil , Take the road of Lenovo to enter the United States , But for energy , Lao Mei still cares very much , As a result, the U.S. government came forward and was stirred up . So it can be said that any industry , Few companies have a foothold in the United States .

At the beginning, Huawei was not confident enough , So Ren Zhengfei also goes around the Americans , but 2008 Years later , The overall situation of the European market has been decided , Ren Zhengfei's ambition has also come up , Decided to break the wrist with Cisco .

Cisco was also established very late ,1984 It was founded by a couple of Stanford University in , I told you about the top of the tide , The two started dating by email , But I find it very inconvenient , So I got something out , This is the multi protocol router . Interested friends , You can read the book "the top of the tide" , We won't waste any more space here .

Just as Huawei wants to enter the United States , Cisco also wants to enter China all the time ,2011 In, Cisco established three local R & D companies in China , In Hangzhou, Hefei and Suzhou ,2013 year , Cisco's cloud computing data center solution , It has been adopted by the education bureaus of major cities in China , It has become a very large-scale education cloud .

Huawei knows very well , Although I have conquered cities and territories all the way , But it still lags far behind Cisco , Cisco routers and switches , In the global communications market 70% Market share , And Cisco knows very well , Huawei from the East , Is his most powerful Challenger , So there is a great disparity between the two sides , But they are already on the table . Huawei can only move forward bravely , There is no retreat . The only advantage of Huawei is its low price , The unit price of the product is lower than that of Cisco 20%.

With this advantage , Huawei's growth in the US market is still very fast , And Cisco is also in-house , Keep trying to restrain Huawei . Their direct conversation , In Brazil , In the end, Huawei won by virtue of its price advantage . And do the same , Huawei has also made propaganda in the US market , The only difference is the price . Can Huawei leverage the powerful Cisco , Now what about the power balance between the two companies ? Let's continue tomorrow .

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