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Mo Yan: reading is the best way to change yourself

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At the end of the mountain, there are often , There is a bright future in the book .

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Writer Mo Yan once said :

“ Why study hard ? Why read more ?

Just because I don't want to do nothing in the future , Do not wish to extinguish hope in the calculation of daily necessities .

Reading is a shortcut to help us realize our value .”

read , You can get new knowledge , Increase learning , Be knowledgeable , Add more possibilities to your life .

People don't find out until they are middle-aged : read , Is the best way to change yourself .


read , Change your temperament

A person's temperament , Is the external presentation of his inner state .

People who like reading , Often know the reason , Distinguish between truth and falsehood , Be generous and kind , There is a quiet and far-reaching personality charm .

San Mao Zai 《 I do not know the dream is a guest 》 It says :
“ There are so many books , The face changes naturally .

A lot of time , I may think that many books I have read have become a thing of the past , No more memories , In fact, they are still potential .

In temperament , In conversation , In the boundless mind . Of course , It can also be revealed in life and words .”

Lu Zuqian, a famous writer of the Southern Song Dynasty, was intelligent and studious since childhood , But impatient , If something happens, I will be filled with resentment , Annoy others , This has offended many people .

once , Lvzuqian clashed with a friend , I'm ready to blame , But then I thought , Hold down your anger, pick up a book on the table and start reading .

Read and read , His frown slowly unfolded , My heart gradually calmed down .

When read “ Bowing to one's own body is thick and blaming others is thin , It's a long way to complain ” when , If he knows something , The Qi in my heart is also “ melt away ” 了 .

Since then, ,“ Blame others lightly ” It became his motto , Whenever you are upset and angry , He would calm himself down , Study hard , So as to cultivate the feelings , Enhance self-cultivation .

A long time , Lvzuqian's temperament has also changed , Be more modest and generous in dealing with people , It has been unanimously recognized by everyone .

Lvzuqian absorbed himself in reading , behave properly to improve one's character , Not only has it improved its relationship with others , So that the talented people around them are eager to return , And academic success , There are plenty of works , And eventually become a great Confucian , With the contemporary Zhu Xi 、 Both Zhang and Zhang said “ Southeast Sanxian ”.

History makes men wise , Poetry makes people wise , Mathematics makes people precise , Philosophy is profound .

read , Just like the spring rain , Moisten everything and keep silent , Can influence a person's cognition imperceptibly , Change one's temperament .

So-called “ The stomach has the poetry book gas from China ”, It's just that .

Yu Dan said :“ Third class makeup is the makeup on the face ; Second rate makeup is spiritual makeup ; First class make-up is life's make-up .”

read , It is a makeup of spirit and life , Enrich our souls , Raise our awareness .


read , Change your mind

Some netizens once asked questions under Cailan's microblog :“ Life is so hard , Why should people live and suffer ?”

Cailan replied :“ Wait for sugar .”

No matter what difficulties , What kind of situation , Cailan can keep an optimistic attitude , Deal with everything peacefully .

But what many people don't know is this , Cai Lan's optimistic attitude is not innate .

He also fell into darkness , Lost the direction of life , Just because I found that the film and television industry that I have been doing for decades is not my favorite career , For a time, I fell into a mood of regret , sad .

But he knows how to look for answers from reading , Adjust your mind by reading .

Looking through FENGZikai's 《 Yuan Yuan Tang essay 》 when , He learned that life is short , How to live is a day , Let go of your desires , Choose one , Just do what you like .

In ordinary days , Cailan studies 、 writing 、 Host the program 、 Set up personal brand , Take your life , Has become the most extraordinary appearance .

Gorky has a famous saying :

“ The more I read , Books bring me closer to the world , Life has become brighter and more meaningful to me .”

The process of reading , It is the process of knowing the whole world .

Through in-depth reading , Our understanding of society and life will become more and more mature , The state of mind will naturally become more peaceful .

Read a book , The best time was ten years ago , The second is now .

from now on , Put down mobile phone , Pick up the book , Read for an hour every day , Hold the line , There must be something to gain .


read , Change the fate

Jiaqing period of Qing Dynasty , A couplet is inscribed in yaowentian's study :

Hundreds of years of old homes are nothing but good deeds ,

Reading is the best thing in the world .

It is better to teach a child than to save money , Reading is better than sitting idle .

For the average person , read , Is the only shortcut to change your destiny .

Zeng Guofan was born in an ordinary farming and reading family , Our ancestors mainly worked in agriculture , From a farm child , To get a Jinshi 、 Promote Hanlin 、 The Ministry of work's left servant , Zeng Guofan relied on reading , Seven moves in ten years , Jump ten levels in a row , Changed the fate of himself and the whole family .

After becoming a top-ranking official , Zeng Guofan said in his family instructions :

“ I don't want to be rich from generation to generation , I wish there were scholars from generation to generation . Scholar , The seed of reading .”

Even if you are an official in Beijing , Zeng Guofan did not forget to write home , The children of educators should study hard .

That's why , Only after more than a hundred years can the Zeng family remain prosperous 、 men of talent come out in succession .

read , Is beyond all that is known , Keep an opportunity to surpass yourself .

28 Years ago , Zhangjuncheng, a security guard from Changzhi, Shanxi Province, was admitted to the law department of Peking University through self-study , Counter attack becomes “ The first security guard in Peking University ”.

Before going to Beijing as a security guard , Zhangjuncheng picked up ore for the iron mine , I also worked in an automobile repair factory , A hard day's work , The salary is no more than 20 element .

But the days of suffering did not destroy his will , Instead, it aroused his fighting spirit .

After being assigned to Beida as a security guard , He told himself :“ Study hard , We must work hard and try again .”

Zhangjuncheng knows , For children of ordinary families , Reading is the only way to change your destiny .

After studying all the courses in Peking University , He successfully got the diploma of the self-taught examination of law major .

After that, zhangjuncheng chose to return to his hometown to teach , He also founded a secondary vocational school .

He said :“ It was because I was poor that I dropped out of school , So I see students who can't read , I pay special attention to . No reading , At least I can't see it .”

28 Years of time , Zhangjuncheng went from the security guard of Peking University to the college student, the teacher and the president , He changed his fate by reading , Reading has also changed the fate of more children .

read , It can answer questions , Reshaping cognition , Gain experience , Improve the pattern .

People who read and people who don't read , There are two kinds of life .


《 Anthology of Huang Tingjian 》 It's written inside :

“ A day without reading , The dust grows in it ; Two days without reading , Words are boring ; Three days without reading , hateful .”

Don't read for a day or two , Probably won't feel anything ;

When you haven't finished reading a book carefully for a long time , You will find your lack of language and cognitive limitations .

At the end of the mountain, there are often , In the book, there is a bright future .

The greater the age , The more experience , The more you understand : read , Is the best way to change yourself .

Order one Looking at , May you be friends with Wen for the rest of your life , Accompany with books , In the world of reading , Be a better person .

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