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Reading notes of cancer, the king of all diseases

2022-05-30 04:28:07Knowledge hall

For the colorful and complex world , We don't know much , It's too little .

The first intuitive impression of my lack of knowledge comes from a book 2014 Years of film 《 Interstellar through 》, While being moved by the story , One side of my mind is full of question marks : Why save the earth depends on a formula ? Why did the man fall into his study from space ? Why can I still meet my childhood daughter ? Where does this spatial logic come from ?

The source of all doubts , I have no basic knowledge of physics, space and space logic . For those with relevant knowledge , The film , Classic .

Most ordinary people who have no relevant professional background like me , Understanding of major diseases , It is undoubtedly another interstellar crossing .

When something happens to your relatives and friends , Besides raising money , Stay with me , We are all equally ignorant , Helpless, , You can't evaluate every treatment decision you make , I don't know how to fight for , I don't know the principle , I don't know when to stop struggling , We can only leave everything to the doctor and luck .

I want to build the most basic underlying logic , Don't rush to cram when things happen , It's about having free time , Before things happen , Add knowledge slowly in advance , therefore , Start with cancer, which ranks first in the company's disease odds ratio , I took advantage of my holiday to watch 6 Hour documentary of the same name , And read the book in depth again .

Only record your understanding and opinions in this article , If you want a more professional answer , Please read the original book .

One , Most drugs don't work on the brain .

Most of the chemotherapy drugs known at present , Its composition can be basically defined as poison , chemotherapy , It is a practical act of attacking poison with poison , Read this , Think of the example that arsenic can cure diseases .

In the earliest leukemia treatment , There are such cases : Use chemicals , The abnormal leukemic cells in the blood have been cleared away , But a few months later , The disease recurred , Making a comeback , Finally died , After autopsy , A large number of abnormal cell residues were found in the brain , Cunning cells hide in the brain , Is to use a mechanism : Brain defense mechanisms .

The precision of the brain , Lunmei supercomputer , alike , Also can not withstand the injury , To protect it , Naturally built layers of armor , Including hard bones , It also includes the mechanism that drugs cannot invade , Cancer cells use this mechanism , Take the brain as the hotbed of leukemia , After discovering this situation , Start choosing medications + Brain radiation therapy , Better results have been achieved .

The extended question is , If the drugs don't work on the brain , The legendary Gastrodia elata fish head soup tonifying the brain , It should be just a legend ? For nervous headache and so on , The role of drugs should not be to cure but to relieve pain , Acupuncture and massage directly act on the brain , It is estimated that the effect will be better ?

Two , Cancer patients are really not scared to death , The help of psychological function to cure diseases , Almost nothing .

A popular saying , It's cancer that scares me to death , So every sick patient , In addition to facing disease , We have to face that we are not optimistic and brave enough , The double pressure that leads to poor curative effect .

If you really understand , You'll find that , Optimistic or pessimistic , Little help to survive , There is no denying it , Positive attitude helps things to move forward , But this is not the core reason for survival , The core reason is still to determine the type of disease , Find the corresponding drugs and treatments , Finally, this method is effective .

Sensible people always believe in invisible power , Of course, there are also examples of such forces that lead to healing without medicine , Since psychology has little effect , Why did such a miracle happen ? This is related to the type of cancer .

3、 ... and , Cancer is not a disease , There are many kinds of diseases .

In the process of understanding cancer , Scientists have taken many detours .

At the beginning , I am very optimistic about solving this problem , They think it may not take ten years , To say goodbye to cancer .

With further understanding , Find out , It's not easy .

At the beginning , People don't know where cancer cells come from , Before the means of scientific research have arrived , Put the core of problem solving at the forefront of treatment , A certain chemical can help a certain tumor , Then use , The two combined drugs are effective , Then there are two , Four effective , Then there are four , If an invalid , Can only accept the result of powerlessness , Patients often do not die of cancer , Is to die without treatment , The process is extremely painful .

Later, it was found that , Some can not be solved with drugs , stay x The short-term super effect can be achieved under X-ray , So a lot of rays are used , until , Bring about the result that the radiation itself causes cancer .

Advances in surgery and the use of anesthetics , Radical mastectomy has been started for nearly a century , Remove the breast tumor from the beginning , Discover the transfer , To commit to cutting more , Including the pectoralis major muscle group , Small muscle groups , Axillary subclavian lymph , But this does not delay the transfer .

If we were 1980 I got breast cancer years ago , The price to pay is the deformation and ugliness of your body in your lifetime , The side effect of not being able to straighten the arm , And it is impossible to verify whether this is reasonable .

until 1980 After year , Only statistical data can verify , Total resection and breast conserving surgery , In terms of mortality and survival , No advantage , This kind of surgery gradually disappeared from the treatment system .

Why does the body have cancer cells , There are three kinds of views : The first one is that the foreign virus enters the body , Cause inflammation of body cells , Long term inflammation leads to cancer . The second category believes that cancer is a defect in the gene itself , It is the self problem that causes cancer . The third category believes that the environment causes cancer , It is because of the industrial development that chemical carcinogens fill the space and cause cancer .

This puzzle was solved until human genes were discovered , To be finally verified . First, cancer cells are autologous cells , From innate genes , let me put it another way , We all have this gene lurking in our bodies , In the absence of external conditions , May be invisible for life .

however , When external conditions change , Will cause genetic variation , But the content of variation is different , The parts are different , Activity is also inconsistent , Some cancer cells are like old people , Not active, not fond of moving, not fond of having children , Treatment or no treatment may lead to recovery or lifelong coexistence , Other cancer cells are the exact opposite , Crazy Siege , Ask for nutrition , Never stop copying , Devour vitality , This kind of cancer cells , If early detection, early intervention and early treatment , Only then is it possible to control its forward steps .

Different kinds of variation + External conditions of different incentives + Different individual genes , The three combine to form an infinite number of possible types , therefore , Cancer is not a disease , It is the general name of thousands of diseases , How to intervene , It depends on the specific problem .

Four , Double blind experiments are not cruel , It is precisely the most humane expression .

All the drugs that can appear in the clinical treatment , They are all drugs that have undergone double-blind experiments , The double-blind experiment is to put all the volunteers with related diseases , They were randomly divided into two groups , Under the same conditions as other treatment AIDS , One group took the test drug , One group received a placebo , Through a course or stage , Get the final result .

A little cruel, right ? This means that if the drug really works , It can save all lives , But half were sacrificed for nothing .

In the history of pursuing cancer treatment , There were dark moments , One is radical mastectomy , What is more terrifying is the autologous bone marrow transplantation that has been widely used .

In the process of treating poison with poison , Many patients do not die of the disease itself , But died of exhaustion after overdose , If you transplant another person's bone marrow , There is a high probability of complications of transplantation attacking the host , So someone had an idea , Find a perfect treatment direction , Why don't you extract your own bone marrow before treatment , Then take large doses of drugs to kill the cancer cells , Finally, the previously preserved bone marrow is transplanted back to the body , Let it work again , perfect .

Without a double-blind experiment , This treatment has been popularized , It seems to have seen good results in the short term , People regard this measure as a life-saving straw .

After a long time , A double-blind experimental comparison has been formally conducted , Only then discovered that this is the illusion , After the patient suffered extreme treatment pain , The mortality rate did not decrease and the survival time did not increase , It was not until then that the treatment was stopped , But the impact has expanded to a great extent .

If there has been no double-blind experiment , Imagine the treatment at that time , Inexplicable fear in my heart , The most despairing , It was so much , There is no effect at all .

Every progress in medicine , It was all advanced at the cost of human life in the past , If you can't test whether it is really effective before entering the market , Once blindly promoted , The story of the dark hour , Will make a comeback .

science , For the welfare of all mankind , Can't stand sensibility .

5、 ... and , Then I , Have we conquered cancer ?

car-t The emergence of therapy , Let's realize , Begin to approach the treatment direction of lifelong remission of cancer cells .

but , This is not necessarily the result , Because of drug resistance .

If you just look at cancer cells , You will be fascinated by its function , Infinite growth , Infinite split , Never grow old , Keep evolving .

When drugs enter the body , After a short-term harvest , If the cancer cells are not completely killed , It will evolve itself , The weapons that once attacked it , Will no longer be valid , This is drug resistance .

It is the same principle that antibiotics are not recommended to be abused , Short term and quick effect antibiotics , Gave the virus a chance to evolve , After many evolutions , Existing antibiotics , Even if the dose is higher , Will also be completely invalid , We must develop more powerful weapons , In the face of a stronger enemy .

The same is true of cancer treatment , Medicine is doomed to never stop running , Keep moving forward , Never stop .

Run faster , Hurry up , Hurry up , There is no chance to stop .

For innovative drugs , You can expect something , At the same time, prepare enough money , Or high enough medical insurance , Benefits , It is the driving force for the pharmaceutical factory to move forward , Will be doomed , All the new tricks and methods , Are expensive .

Often obstructs , It's not the way , It's money .

6、 ... and , As an ordinary person , There is no chance to prevent cancer ?

gene , It's something we can't change , What can be changed , From life .

At present, the relevant knowledge known is : Smoking causes lung cancer to be genetically active , Excessive drinking and improper diet lead to gastric cancer gene activation , Obesity causes multiple cancer genes to become active , Keep away from radiation , Use chemicals with caution , Continuous movement , Enhance immunity , These are the options we can do .

7、 ... and , When to stop treatment ?

When the existing means are no longer effective , We should learn enough , Spend the last part of your life slowly , The means that can be tried are : Sabbath therapy .

Not aiming for treatment , The goal is to improve the quality of life , relieve pain , Relieve , company , Say goodbye to the world calmly and with dignity , This is also the direction that I am interested in learning systematically in the future .

Experienced the moment when the closest relatives left , Never forget that night . Constant choices in the process , I really hope , Can have professional guidance to accompany me through this time , The dead are gone , Maybe in the future , For the people around you , Provide relevant assistance , Help them through the darkest hours .

Sometimes it's healing , Often help , Always go to comfort .

This is the direction of science , It is also the reason why I keep learning .

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