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Looking for hope in despair, life will be brilliant

2022-05-30 04:27:40Knowledge hall

I finished reading some time ago 《 I was on the verge of collapse 》, To borrow Mr. Yu's words “ Look for hope in despair , Life will be brilliant ” As the title of book review , Write a few simple sentences . I adore Miss Yu very much , I admire and respect an educator , First of all, of course, because he is a student of Peking University , At this point alone , Enough to make me look up . secondly , Mr. Yu's profound cultural heritage , Excellent speech ability, continuous pursuit of progress, striving for excellence and strict requirements for oneself , They are all my models .

For New Oriental , I still have some feelings . I am a student of scientific physics , A dozen years ago , Undergraduate students in basic disciplines , Almost 30% of them go to the United States to study PHD, 30% of domestic insurance and research institutes , 30% of graduates are employed , The remaining 10% are transferred to professional postgraduate entrance examination in China .2004 Summer vacation , I came to Beijing alone to attend the TOEFL summer training class , I remember it very clearly , It's at Baofu temple , It should be hundreds of people crowded in a classroom , No air conditioning , Lunch in a box , Lie down and rest , But every student is full of fighting spirit , Full of passion . The vocabulary teacher at that time was lixiaolai , There is also a listening teacher named Jerry, Squabby . Every night I go back to my house and recite words , Do exercises , I really don't know why , Is infected by the New Oriental spirit , Full of fighting spirit , Set a firm goal . Three months later , I took the test 633 branch ( The full score should be 677 branch ), Although not a very high score , But it's enough . Later I reported GRE class , However, due to various reasons, I didn't choose to study abroad , But the learning experience and spirit of New Oriental , I will never forget it .

Many places have mentioned the entrepreneurial stories and process of New Oriental , Here I would like to talk about some of my views . People who really understand the whole entrepreneurial process of New Oriental are very clear , Without YuMinHong's tenacity and persistence , There will be no xuxiaoping and Wang Qiang , There will be no new oriental group behind it . New Oriental “ Three giants ” In essence, resources complement each other , For example, xuxiaoping is responsible for consulting abroad 、 Wang Qiang is in charge of oral English 、 YuMinHong is responsible for the examination and training , They are responsible for their respective areas of expertise . After several years of gradual growth , Xu and Wang feel that they should build a healthy corporate governance structure , So he almost forced YuMinHong to dismiss all the family members in the company , This process is a very difficult one for YuMinHong , But it is really a key move for New Oriental in the future . period “ Three giants ” There have also been a lot of overt and covert fights , This is indeed a matter of reality and human nature , As for why xuxiaoping and Wang Qiang didn't continue to follow YuMinHong , Personally, I think a very important point is , They are different from YuMinHong , New Oriental is a kind of feeling for YuMinHong 、 It is a kind of sustenance 、 Is an inseparable part of your life , But Xu and Wang , As long as the return can cover their psychological expectations , In fact, they have nothing to insist on .

New Oriental has indeed done something meaningful and valuable , Especially in those years, it built a bridge between domestic students who wanted to go abroad for further study and foreign universities . I appreciate Miss Yu very much “ Look for hope in despair , Life will be brilliant ” Our optimism and perseverance , I admire his profound literary foundation and rich humanistic connotation , I respect his sense of responsibility for the cause of New Oriental and his sense of mission to the society . Although since last year, the national policy has been on K12 Industry influence , But I believe that as long as Mr. Yu is at the helm , New Oriental can continue to write brilliant .

Speaking of this topic , Think of a Book 《 How to learn a foreign language scientifically 》, The book mentions two motivations for language learning , One is instrumental motivation and the other is integrative motivation , To put it simply, the former is for examination or to achieve some purpose , The latter is more spontaneous and subjective in language learning . From my own experience alone , I have experienced both , Have deep experience and feeling .

I am from primary school. 2 I began to learn English in grade , That is 1992 year , There were very few in those days , here we are 5 I finished the content of junior middle school in grade , In junior high school, I learned the contents of senior high school . Everyone who has studied English knows , The knowledge in the textbook is only a part , It has little to do with the exam , The test is still about the ability to use the language . So all the way to Da , English test is as simple as eating for me . In addition to learning to read and write , My father asked me to read English every night 900 Half an hour , Yes , Every day ,everyday. When other children are playing outside , I have to follow the tape recorder at home , Confused 、 I have resisted 、 Finally compromise . Now in retrospect , The cultivation of oral pronunciation and language sense benefits from this . So in fact, what I learned at that time is not “ Dumb English ” 了 , When dealing with exams and daily oral English , There is basically no problem . In the university , I signed up for an interpretation course , This is completely my own interest and confidence in my so-called language talent , This actually belongs to the motivation of integration . When I was a junior, I was ready to go abroad , Take part in the TOEFL and GRE train , That's typical instrumental motivation , It's all about getting high marks in exams . Although I didn't go to America , But went to Hong Kong , But all this accumulated learning process , Both instrumental and immersion are very helpful to your language learning .

Last , I would also like to emphasize two points , One is that language talent does exist , Of course, this may also be related to the degree of language development in the Enlightenment period , The other is that the foundation of mother tongue is also very important , Because behind the language is a culture , If you want to go deep into , Must go deep into the culture , Once it rises to the level of culture and human civilization , The underlying logic behind various languages is interconnected . So I didn't dare to further study in language , A big reason is that my Chinese foundation and cultural heritage are very scarce , Can't support me to go further .

I regret it , When I was young and as a student , Don't understand the importance of reading widely , Reading is too utilitarian , Can't settle down to taste these spiritual feasts , Cause yourself to look at problems when you are young 、 To analyze problems 、 The idea of solving the problem is too superficial , There is no pattern . Now I know , Human knowledge is interlinked at the top , Although it can be further divided into humanities and natural sciences , The human brain is only able to balance the two aspects of knowledge , To grow stronger , Personality will be more sound , Thinking and cognition will have a pattern .

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