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Learning is the only way to fight uncertainty

2022-05-27 07:55:15Knowledge hall

Charlie · Munger was in 2014 In his speech at the graduation ceremony of the University of Southern California, he shared :
“ I keep seeing some people in life over the better , They are not the smartest , Not even the most diligent , But they are learning machines , Every night I go to bed a little smarter than that morning . This habit is very helpful to you , Especially when you have a long way to go .

The philosopher Whitehead once said a very correct thing , He said that only when people “ Invented the method of invention ” after , Only human society can develop rapidly . Same thing , You can't make progress until you learn how to learn .

How to learn how to learn ? I hope these books can help you . following ,Enjoy:

Super learner

author : Scott ·H. Yang

In this era of dramatic change , Being a leader is only a temporary , Only continuous self-improvement , Have the ability to learn quickly and independently , To stay ahead 、 Keep up with changes in the current situation .

The famous super learner Scott ·H. Young surveys new research in cognitive science , Examine the experiences of other super learners , Combined with personal experience , Sum up “ Super learning ” Nine principles . Anyone can become “ Super learner ”, Embrace a better life than you can imagine !

Read this book , You can :

* Light up the hard core skills of becoming a super learner
* With the help of 9 Systematic learning method composed of general principles , Fast 、 Effectively master any skill or knowledge field , Realize the ideal that has been shelved for a long time , Complete the wish list
* Accelerate career advancement , Stand out from the competition
* Break through the traditional education system , Become an all-round autonomous learner

How to learn efficiently

author : Scott ·H. Yang  

Scott · Yang , Graduated in business from the University of Manitoba, Canada , Now it runs one of the biggest learning blogs in the world . Since high school, Scott has hardly studied after class , For all that , He is still the first in his class 2 I graduated with a grade of . In College , Before the big test, I usually study for less than two hours every day . however ,4 Over the years , His average is always A and A+ Between .

After graduation, he went on with extraordinary speed , To be the fastest graduate in MIT history , And board TEDx My podium , Tell the world about your learning experience , It's really a super Xueba .

This book is a comprehensive introduction to his learning methods , It includes the core idea and specific technology of holistic learning strategy , Fast reading method is introduced in detail 、 Stream notes 、 Metaphor method 、 Internalization and so on , And it provides an overall solution from life to time management for efficient learning . Follow the author , You will also become a super bully of efficient learning .

3、 ... and
The way to learn

author : Barbara · Oakley

finished a book , But I don't remember what to say ? I watched a lot of American dramas , English still hasn't improved ? official account 、 Instructions 、 Niu rentie , None of them fell , But they still haven't formed their own learning system ? These are typical symptoms of poor quality learning .

Don't understand the principle of learning , Is repeating in an invalid way ; Lack of effective learning methods , Is consuming talent . This book starts from the latest research in brain science and Psychology , Interdisciplinary interpretation of the principles of learning , Provide comprehensive learning methods and thinking patterns :

How the brain processes graphics 、 written words 、 Numbers and so on , What kind of information path does different types of learning match ? Learn art 、 Learning language 、 Learning music 、 Study mathematics , What are the differences in the learning principles of various things ? For you , Why? A Method ratio B Better method ? If you open this book , I believe you are serious about your study .

Learn how to learn

author : Barbara · Oakley et al  

Study , Is one of the most important skills in our life . We all have the ability to learn things we don't seem to be good at , The trick is to understand how the brain works , To unleash its power . This book explains 10 An effective learning tool :

1. Make rational use of focus mode and divergence mode
2. Use practice 、 Repeat and recall to create brain linking groups
3. Cross learning
4. Study at intervals
5. motion
6. Self testing
7. Use interesting pictures and metaphors
8. Use the tomato working method to develop concentration and relaxation
9. Eat frogs first
10. Actively looking for new learning methods

This book is based on best sellers 《 The way to learn 》 And its popular online supporting courses “Learning How to Learn” On the basis of , Each chapter is equipped with a large number of illustrations 、 Case study 、 practice 、 Summarize, etc , Make learning simple 、 Interesting 、 It works .

5、 ... and
Eat that frog 2

author : Boone · Tracy Anna · Reinberg

Procrastination is a human instinct , Overcoming procrastination is a skill . Whether in study or work , Procrastination is bothering countless people , Many people rely on willpower to overcome procrastination , However, the effect is very limited .

In fact, overcoming procrastination does not depend on willpower , But in a scientific way .

In this book 22 A law of learning efficiency , It provides clear operation guidelines and practice methods to improve efficiency , Help you say goodbye to procrastination !

6、 ... and
Penetration learning

author : Fang Jun  

The digital age , With the acceleration of knowledge change , Learning has become one of the most important things that every professional must face all his life . The premise of efficient work is efficient learning , Only by rapidly improving learning ability can we meet the increasing job requirements .

The author of this book puts forward 3 Big penetration learning thinking : About the whole learning process “ Learning journey ” Model 、 Deal with known and unknown knowledge and transform thinking 、 The thinking of establishing personal knowledge system . On how to make a study plan 、 How to read for knowledge 、 How to practice 、 How to be highly focused 、 How to do it 、 How to sort out and improve the theme , Specific learning methods are given , And provides 16 A practical guide tool .

This book is the experience of a senior learner in the Internet age , Suitable for all kinds of learners who want to improve themselves at work .

7、 ... and
Science Learning

author : Daniel L. Schwartz et al

Dean of Stanford Institute of Education 、 Learn from the masterpieces of science experts ; selected 26 A golden rule of learning , Effectively solve any learning problems ; Student / Parents / Teachers' / Adult learners , A necessary self-improvement treasure book on the desk .

comprehensive , Existing rewards 、 Classical theories such as observation , Sleep again 、 Excitement and other novel content , Covering almost all areas of study , Such as understanding concepts 、 Memorize and recite 、 Learning skills 、 solve the problem 、 Teamwork, etc .

The author uses plain and humorous language 、 Fascinating examples 、 Explain each learning rule in detail in a clear way , You can design many kinds of learning programs , Bring you a new learning experience , Enhance confidence and interest , Effectively deal with any self-improvement problems encountered in work and life .

8、 ... and
Tame the beast in your head

author : Suzuki Yukio

The lack of concentration plagues countless people , The root of the problem may be that there is a naturally active head hidden in our brain , Hate abstract things , Always can't stand the temptation, but the energy is huge “ The beast ”. To improve your concentration , We need rational in our brain “ Trainer ” Become a close partner with the beast , Skillfully guide its amazing energy , Make the beast release energy where we want .

Of course , Taming Wild animals is not easy , This book is just an easy to understand 、 Science based “ Beast domestication guide ”. In the book , You will learn ∶

How to practice a healthy diet , Make the beast full of vitality and energy ;
How to use the return feeling planning method , Give the beast more motivation to pursue its goal ;
How to create simple rituals , Stimulate the automatic response of the beast ;
How to rewrite your self-image with a story , Convince the beast to take positive action ;
How to use mindfulness , Control the impulses and bad emotions of wild animals ;
How to care for the trainer , Learn to accept yourself and rest actively .

Let's wake up the sleeping focus , inspire 400% Work efficiency !

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