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"Dream of Red Mansions" intensive reading Lecture Series III: who understands the flavor

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“ A dream of red mansions ” The third lecture series of intensive reading : Who can understand the taste
The content of the lecture is : The first time Zhen Shiyin's dream and understanding Jia Yu Village

“ Don't read too much , The most important thing is to choose well , Read it thoroughly . Instead of reading ten books , It's better to spend time and energy reading ten books to read a book that is really worth reading ;
Instead of reading ten books only once , It's better to take a book and read it ten times .”
The earnest admonition of the famous aesthetic theorist Mr. Zhu Guangqian is still ringing in my ears .
5 month 25 Japan ( Wednesday )14:00, External research humanities with this set “ A dream of red mansions ” Mongolian Royal Palace collection For the bottom , Enjoy the red mansions with you 、 Fine Red Mansions ……

Introduction to Cao Xueqin
      Cao xueqin , The name is (zhān), Word dream Ruan (ruǎn), Snow celery No . Born in Nanjing , Ancestral home Liaoyang . Ancestors used to be Han officers stationed in Eastern Liaoning ,1621 After the annual return, the gold , Entering Manchuria is the white flag . Great grandmother sun Shi was the milk mu of Emperor Kangxi when he was a child . My grandfather Cao Yin accompanied Emperor Kangxi in reading 、 The Imperial Guard , Later, he served as Jiangning Weaving Co., Ltd , He also served as the salt censor of Lianghuai river . Yongzheng five years (1727), Uncle Xueqin ( When it comes to father ) Cao Fu was convicted and dismissed , Be copied , Xueqin moved back to Beijing with her family . Later, I lived in the western suburb of Beijing . 
    Cao Xueqin is good at poetry and painting , Good drinking , Good at talking , It makes people tireless all day , Living in poverty and drinking wildly , So much so that Porridge and wine are always on credit . Qianlong 27 (1762), Sad that my son died early , Poor and ill Cao Xueqin On Died on New Year's Eve .
    Cao Xueqin has never been heard of in the annals of history , But live in the legend of Xiangshan people . The common people said : Cao Xueqin is a “ A second master ”, Born in the year of the sheep , Died in the year of the sheep , My son died on August 15 , I died on the eve of the Lunar New Year . Today we can only pass 《 A dream of red mansions 》《 Collection of waste art studio 》 Incomplete manuscript 、《 Picture album of Cao Kai, a celery grower 》 And about his family background and life to understand Cao Xueqin .
    Important approver Zhi Yanzhai : Suspected author's life partner , Participated in 《 A dream of red mansions 》 The creative process of , Play the role of author and personal editor , by 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Leave a lot of comments , Analyze the author's exquisite writing skills with his own experience , More on a large number of hidden writing in the book 、 metaphor 、 The ending of the character makes the necessary prompt , Solve the reader's doubts .
《 A dream of red mansions 》 A synopsis of the story
   《 A dream of red mansions 》 Open book , The author made up the Taoist Kongkong to see a hard stone under the Qinggeng peak , It records its experience and experience after being brought into the world of mortals , There is a seven character quatrain behind it , The ending cloud :“ This is what happened before and after , Who can make a wonderful biography ?” Explained the origin of the novel story , It shows the origin of novel creation .
   《 A dream of red mansions 》 It is mainly about the rise and fall of the aristocratic family Jia family ; And the central story that runs through it , Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu 、 Xue Baochai's love and marriage tragedy . These two aspects complement each other , Interlaced with each other , Constitute the main content of the novel . As the saying goes “ Full of ridiculous words , A handful of bitter tears ”. Let's first look at the description of Jia's life . The first five chapters are the prelude to the book , It mainly introduces the artistic conception of the novel 、 Basic content and main characters .
For the first time, we use the defeat of Zhen Shiyin's family as an introduction , Explain the origin of the novel ;
The second time “ Leng Zixing's speech on Rong Guofu ”, Skillfully introduces the main characters and story environment of the novel ;
Third 、 Four times “ Meet grandson Jia Mu and cherish her orphan daughter ”“ Gourd monk's verdict on gourd case ”, Describe Lin Daiyu 、 The reason why Xue Baochai lived in Jia's residence , The male and female protagonists appeared one by one ;
In the fifth round “ Jia Baoyu wandered into the Taixu realm ”, It reveals the main characters in the Grand View Garden and their destination , And the final defeat of Jia family . Some people call this time 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Of “ platform ”.
The sixth back to the eighteenth , Mainly write about the prosperity and joy of Jia family , It's what Jia family called “ Flowers are in bloom ” The heyday of , It actually shows the erosion and decay of Jia's life . among “ Tea smoke makes trouble in the study ”“ Jia Rui has a lustful heart ”“ But Qing was in a big funeral ”“ Yuanfei's parents ” Wait for the story , Wrote about the collapse of Jia's education 、 Moral decay 、 The waste of life . especially “ hold a funeral procession ” and “ Save relatives ” Two things , It strongly exaggerates the luxury and luxury of Jia family .
The 19th back to the first eighteen , Concentrate your pen and ink , Focus on describing the decline process of Jia family . among “ Baoyu was beaten ”“ New year's Eve sacrifice ancestral temple ”“ Spring Explorer ”“ Secretly marry second sister you ”“ Check the Grand View Garden ”“ The death of Lin Daiyu ”“ Check Ning Guofu ” Wait for the story , It describes the succession of Jia family 、 Economic distress 、 moral decay 、 Human feelings are thin 、 The deepening of contradictions within the family .
The last two rounds , Write Baoyu “ Zhongxiang Kui ”, Jia Fu “ children and grandchildren get official rank ”, The family road returns to the beginning .
Let's look at Baoyu and Daiyu 、 Baochai's description of love and marriage tragedy . The novel details the initiation of Baodai's love 、 Development 、 The whole process of maturity and destruction , And the unhappy ending of Baoyu and Baochai's marriage .
    The novel goes back from the third to the eighth , Wrote about the initiation of Baodai's love . The third time I wrote that after Daiyu entered Jia's house , And Baoyu “ On the same day, we sit together , The night will rest and stop at the same time ”“ Make peace , No participation in business ”, Cultivate pure friendship .
The eighth chapter is about Daiyu's intimate relationship with Baoyu and Baochai , With suspicion , There was an emotional entanglement between the three for the first time , It indicates that Daiyu has secretly sprouted love for Baoyu .
From the ninth to the thirty second , Write about the development of Baodai's love . This stage , It mainly wrote three misunderstandings and contradictions between Baodai : The first time is the 23rd time “ The West Chamber records wonderful words and plays ”, The second time is the 26th time “ The Xiaoxiang Pavilion is in spring sleepy and full of love ”, The third time is the 29th time “ Infatuated women love more and more carefully ”. After mutual exploration , Dredged the feelings between them , The thirty second time “ Tell the heart of your heart that you are obsessed with living precious jade ”, Write that they eliminate all misunderstandings , By mutual suspicion , To quote as “ Bosom friend ”, Their love has developed to a new stage .
From the 33rd to the 79th , Write about the maturity of Baodai's love . After many painful attempts, Daiyu , Understand Baoyu's devotion to herself , From then on, they respect each other , Understanding each other , Love is like life and death . The 34th time “ In love, because of emotion, sister , Wrong in wrong, wrong to persuade my brother ”, She wrote three quatrains on the silk handkerchief given to her by Baoyu , It shows his unswerving intention of life and death . As their love matures , Tragic factors are also developing .
Written by Baoyu in the 78th chapter 《 Lotus Lei 》, It's called mourning Qingwen , It also indicates that they
The tragic ending of love .
From the 80th to the 98th , Write about the destruction of Baodai's love .
Since the 96th round , The novel is three times long , Concentrated on the rulers of the Jia family “ Swap meter ”, Seduce the sick Baoyu to marry Baochai , Finally killed Baodai's love and happiness , Daiyu died with hatred .
After the 99th round , Write about the misfortune of Baoyu and Baochai's marriage . Baoyu finally left the pregnant Baochai , Abandon the dust , Become a monk .
A dream of red mansions ” Why is it worth reading ?
                  —— stay “ A dream of red mansions ” Understand China in !
   《 A dream of red mansions 》 It is recognized as the peak work of ancient Chinese Literature , Widely loved by readers . and Redology fever It has been enduring . We should fully understand 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Essence , Deeply understand its literary value .
   《 A dream of red mansions 》 Our theme is eternal . Times will change , Human nature does not change .《 A dream of red mansions 》 The presentation of an era , A discussion of the meaning of life , Questioning the value of life , Emotion and self 、 Real and unreal 、 The display of life and death and clutch , It's a gift for every reader .《 A dream of red mansions 》 It's about Chinese Philosophy 、 Chinese art 、 An in-depth analysis of Chinese life .
  《 A dream of red mansions 》 Involving social experience 、 Career experience 、 Parenting and sexual feelings, etc . Many problems in real life , Can be in 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Find the answer in the book
    Great classics often have rich interpretation space , Different readers have their own understanding .《 A dream of red mansions 》 So it is with , As a classic in the history of Chinese novels , It's hard to generalize . Jia Baoyu ended up as an ignorant and rebellious teenager " proceed without hesitation "、 be cynical 、 Seclusion and becoming a monk , From this point of view ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 It can be said to be a initiation novel , It is also a very philosophical film 、 Understand the Tao with emotion The book of enlightenment . The book says Jia 、 The history of 、 king 、 The four Xue families once flourished , Finally, the prosperity dissipated , Each character has his own destiny , This is a family history from prosperity to decline , A wonderful picture of group portraits . Jia Baoyu is interspersed among them 、 Lin daiyu 、 Xue Baochai's love and marriage feelings , all , Hard to say , It seems to be another subtle love novel . meanwhile , Human relations 、 Marriage and funeral 、 Events such as managing the family and governing the country emerge one after another , So it seems , It's another worldly novel .《 A dream of red mansions 》 Your diet can be compiled into a cookbook , Drugs can be compiled into a pharmacopoeia , Clothing can be made into multi issue fashion magazines …… All in all , This book is rich in content , Everything is contained therein . Some people read rebellion and resistance , Someone gets enlightenment and Enlightenment , Some people wring their wrists for Baodai's love , Some people sigh that it is difficult to have a feast again , Some people learn to be sophisticated , Some people study scenery and customs ……
    There is nothing in the world that must be read , But so many predecessors have tried , We save time for trial and error ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 It's a classic worth reading again and again !

· There are many versions of the dream of Red Mansions on the market , Now let's introduce 《 A dream of red mansions ( Mongolian Royal Palace collection )》

A dream of red mansions ( Mongolian Royal Palace collection )》 brief introduction
《 A dream of red mansions 》 Two systems of
  • 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Versions can be divided into Two systems , One is Eighty year old manuscript System , Because there are fat inkstone Zhai 、 Comments by Mr. chiwato and others , call “ Fat review book ” or “ Fat book ”, Usually according to the transcript The year of the inscription perhaps The situation of the Tibetan Named after the , Existing 11 Kind of .
  • In the 1898 year of Emperor Qianlong's reign, Zhi Yanzhai copied and re evaluated this book 《 Zhiyanzhai re comments on stone 》, abbreviation “ Jiaxu Edition ”;
  • In the autumn of the Geng year of Qianlong, Zhiyanzhai has read and commented on all four 《 Zhiyanzhai re comments on stone 》, abbreviation “ Gengchen Ben ”;
  • topic by 《 The story of stone 》 The Tibetan script of Alxa Mongolian palace in the Qing Dynasty ;
Another version of the system is by Cheng Weiyuan 、 Gao E arranges and prints 120 copies and reproduces the process book system on this basis , The version in this system is often called Cheng gaoben , Yes Cheng Jia Ben ”“ Cheng Yi Ben (“ Cheng Yi Ben ” The printing of is over 《 A dream of red mansions 》 The era of copying ).
What is the “ Meng fuben ”?
  • “ Meng fuben ” The original copy is called 《 The story of stone 》, It got its name because it was the Tibetan capital of Alxa Mongolian palace , Not written in Mongolian .
  • “ Meng fuben ” It is a valuable document with important research value in fat book system .
  • 2013 year , Hua Baozhai and Xiling Seal engraver's society photocopied and published 《 The Mongolian palace is based on the stone story 》, Thread packed 32 volumes , Four letters , Twelve volumes , Ten times per volume , One hundred and twenty times .
  • 2021 Published by FLTRP in 《 A dream of red mansions ( Mongolian Royal Palace collection )》 That is to say 《 The Mongolian palace is based on the stone story 》 Thread bound book Arranging and printing for the base copy .
“ Meng fuben ” The story of Tibetan delivery
  • 2011 year 8 month , Preparation of Beijing Cao Xueqin society “ Anniversary 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Cheng Jiaben's birthday 220 Annual Symposium ”. Ms. Darui and her husband Wang Nian, descendants of the Qing Royal family, took the initiative to get in touch with Cao society , In the interview, the author combed out the modern spreading context of the Mongolian government .
  • Darui's father is a prince of Alashan family in Inner Mongolia . Alxa Heshuote banner is the descendant of habutu hasar, the younger brother of Genghis Khan, the great ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty .
  • The first generation of Tibetan masters in the prince's residence , That is, Tawang brikala, the eighth generation Prince of zasack Heshuo in the Department of Alxa weilat, Inner Mongolia (1871 — 1931), Be commonly called “ Tower King ”, Darui's grandfather .
  • Late qing dynasty , Tower king got this manuscript at Liulichang book market in Beijing , so much that one cannot bear to part with it , Then pass it on to the eldest son —— The ninth Prince dalizaya , Be commonly called “ Da Wang ”, Darui's father . King DA and his wife Jin Yuncheng cherish this book very much , Take good care of .
  • 1960 year , For the national literary cause and 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Development of research , Jin Yuncheng reluctantly gave up his love , Donate this set of rare books collected by the king's residence of the Qing Dynasty , Achieved a good story of Redology . thereafter , Mongolian Royal Palace collection 《 The story of stone 》 It has been photocopied and published many times , It has aroused extensive discussion in the Redology circle .  Pass and hide the context : Beijing Liulichang → Tower King → Da Wang 、 Jin Yuncheng Beijing Library ( National Library of China )
  • After Mr. Feng Qiyong learned about the process of Mongolian government's modern collection , I think the Mongolian palace is the book Modern collectors , The should have been named “ The collection of stones in the Mongolian palace ”.
  • 《 The Mongolian palace is based on the stone story 》 It has been photocopied and published , But the history of typesetting has always been blank .
  • “ Meng fuben ” For the first time in the form of typesetting , It not only makes the readers of the society have a brand-new and optional universal reader , stay 《 A dream of red mansions 》 It is also of great significance in the history of Publishing .
《 A dream of red mansions ( Mongolian Royal Palace collection )》 Unique value of
  • “ Meng fuben ” It's a 120 full version of the greased batch (“ All Bi Ben ”).
  • “ Meng fuben ” It's in the fat system Rare Manuscript with the last forty chapters .
  • The first 80 chapters of the book are basically the same as the Gengchen book 、 Qi XuBen , Cheng Weiyuan preface 、 The last 40 chapters are composed of the eighth generation of Mongolian kings of Alxa —— Tawangbrijiala organization makes up copy , The version is unknown .
  • There are also some differences between the style of the independent comments and other fat approval books , For example, the appellation of characters in novels 、 Language style 、 Comment on values, etc .

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