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Lightness - make the key things easy to do

2022-04-15 07:48:07 Knowledge hall

《 Lightheartedness 》 author Greg · Maggie Vaughn . The whole book is mainly divided into three parts : Relaxed state / Easy action / Easy results .
After reading the book , I had a lot of similar feelings with the round table last time . For example, the third chapter of the book : Relieved , hire “ Gratitude ”, fire “ Complain ”. What I'm proposing is a list of gratitude . Chapter four : rest , Regular “ Nothing to do ”. And I propose : Rest is to go further . Chapter vii. : Start , Start with the first step from simple to ridiculous . I put forward : Do it first , Do well again . Chapter viii. : simplify , Don't do anything you can . It also coincides with the disconnection I mentioned . Chapter 11 : Learn to master the basic principles of things . I mentioned : One reason , Bai Liming . Chapter 13 : Automatically , Let the action go without thinking . I mentioned : keep a diary . Record some of your daily habits , Then cultivate these habits , Will let the habit be automated .
There are also some contents in the book that give me some inspiration . For example, Chapter 10 : rhythm , It's better to try your best than to reserve . This chapter refers to a case . Britain and Norway each have a team going to the south pole , Two teams of scientists face a polar battle . They set off one after another in a few days , It's a race of more than 2400 meters , A contest between life and death . When the two teams travel , His plan is completely different . The British team's plan is to walk to exhaustion when the weather is good , Rest in place when the weather is bad . The other side is different , The Norwegian team walks regularly , Whether the weather is good or bad , They all just move forward 24km. They don't go much, they don't go much , The last paragraph is no exception . So whether it's raining or sunny , None of them is more than 24km. Norway insists on a full rest , And keep a steady rhythm on the way forward . On the contrary, the other team allowed their team to rest when the weather was cold , And when the weather gets warmer, order the team members to “ Inhuman efforts ”. That's why the Norwegian team won the final victory , And the British team failed . The battle for the south pole , Roland · Henry Ford wrote a fascinating book , As he wrote in his book , Set a stable 、 Agreement 、 A sustainable pace , Finally let the Norwegian team “ No special effort is required ”, You can reach your destination .
This case makes me feel deeply . It's like a dream note . Write a dream diary in the morning , I hope to plan my future when I wake up in the morning , Then divide the future into adults 、 quarter 、 month 、 Japan , The clearer the goal, the more careful the better . Only in this way can we move forward step by step . Goals can be ambitious , But be clear , Be sure to divide it into clear details . Then tailor your clothes , Refine to every day , At the same time, you should consider whether you can stick to it every day .
Maybe you feel too relaxed every day , But it's not a problem , Because you are relaxed, you can not give yourself pressure , To be able to stick to it . If you feel a lot of load every day , Very tired, , Even overload to do , That's a matter of reluctance , It's not worth it . So the book mentions setting an action limit , Find a relaxed rhythm , This is something I haven't considered before . But I think it's really well written , It's like reading a Book .
I have two weeks to write this book note . I only read ten pages at first . Then I took a few days off . I finished reading the rest of the book at one time only yesterday . Then I'll sort out my ideas and write it today . In fact, I can make a plan from the beginning , Read a few pages every day . Because the actual content of this book is about 220 Page about . And I have two weeks , I can plan well in advance : The first ten days were spent reading , A day to see 20-25 page , And write essays . The next three days will be spent sorting out essays , Refine keywords , Organize a section every day . Integrate notes on the last day . The quality of notes written in this way should be higher .
For example, the author mentioned that if you want to read it in six months 《 Miserable world 》. The lower limit is no less than five pages a day , The upper limit is no more than 25 page . Can keep this habit , Without bringing burden to yourself , I think this is very good . So be sure to find a relaxed rhythm , There is no better way than to set an upper limit , Otherwise you'll just drive high and walk low , Slow is steady , Steady is fast . Set a reasonable progress range in the process of doing things , And follow this range , perseverance prevails , That's what I've always believed .
The author also mentioned a point : Compound interest . In fact, I always knew that compound interest would be better , As many people say “ Income after sleep ”, Do one thing , It may continue to bring benefits to you later . Copyright of the author, for example , He may have written a Book , And his copyright will always bring benefits to him in the later stage . Or an article or video from the official account. , Maybe this work will continue to bring benefits to . But many times I didn't make it . This aspect may be considered later .
The book also mentions a problem of trust , I think trust is actually very difficult in today's society . It mentions a case of Buffett's acquisition . Warren buffett . When he bought a company , Others think it will take him a long time . Because he needs to investigate and understand the company , And do some data collection and review, etc . But in fact, it didn't take him long , only 29 The acquisition was completed in days . He didn't do due diligence , Because with his experience , He knew that everything Wal Mart said should be similar to the facts . So a two-hour meeting , One handshake completes the acquisition . This is because one side believes that the other will keep its promise , So they saved a lot of time 、 Money and energy . This example can also illustrate , Trust can be a lever , Turn moderate efforts into compound interest .
Important things and trivial things . Because one's energy is limited , Only one day 24 Hours , There is only one person . You need to arrange important things and trivial things properly . You must put the important things in the jar first , Then put the trivial things in , So we can hold . Otherwise , The important thing doesn't match the size of the jar . Also attend to one and lose the other , People will be more and more burdened , There will be a lot of pressure . Because people who care about these things , Must be a person with a strong sense of responsibility , So when he can't do it , He'll overload . It's not that we're going to be exhausted , Things can make progress . Our contributions do not have to come at the expense of physical and mental health .
I personally believe in getting off work on time . Work can be planned in advance , Do one step and think three steps . I will try to make a general plan for this week or this month . I will also leave some free time to make adjustments , And give something unexpected .
We'll be on some lists for a while , Others will be particularly slow when making this list . Of course, there are various reasons for being slow , Ability is also one of the reasons . But for me , Usually the first world will be used to find rules . The first point is that I should be familiar with the use process of this system , What kind of list can be uploaded correctly . What format did I get on the list , How do I organize it into a format that I can upload . Then I'm going to find a way , From these data ,100% Accurately extract the part I want . I made these things 1~2 I'll get familiar with it after three times , Then start sorting out your own templates , Have your own habits . Then I will be familiar with it in a very short time , And start using it . In the later work , Also constantly adjusting , Upgrade iterations . Once straightened , I make things different from others . Maybe someone else will spend an hour or two on a group , And I might finish it in a minute or two . Sharpening a knife does not make a mistake , Straighten out the process in the early stage , Make a template , Wait until the list comes , I can put it in accordingly , My efficiency is very fast , And don't worry about making mistakes . I feel great , So it's important to trust yourself .
After reading the whole book, I benefited a lot . There were many pieces of knowledge before , Now it feels connected . The biggest idea after reading this book is to reorganize and plan again . All goals need to be iterated . Even if I feel good about myself , But there should be room for progress . Whether it's my diary template , Some living habits , And my future goals and plans , I'll re plan . I hope it will be better and better in the future , I also hope the epidemic will pass soon , Let's get back to a peaceful life as soon as possible .
There are many golden sentences in the book , I suggest you buy the original version to see , There must be feelings !

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